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This wooden toy train set for kids is a perfect toy that gives children endless hours of immersive play.  The wood as the chosen material for the toy train provides years of durability.
However, since the railway has more than 100 track pieces with 4 different configurations, children may ask for our help to build the railway.
Exciting Melissa & Doug Mountain Railway wooden train set will spark your children's imaginations and challenge their creativity. Use your mouse to scratch off the area below to get your coupon code and enter it in at checkout to Save!
Fortunately, unlike the full-size Belize City Swing Bridge, this one doesn’t require four men to crank it into place. Woot may designate a user comment as a Quality Post, but that doesn't mean we agree with or guarantee anything said or linked to in that post.
Wooden toy trains are as classic boy as you can get, and my 4 year old loves the constructing, destructing, driving, and crashing that is inevitably involved.
Like all their toys, the Melissa & Doug train sets are made of wood and are solid and nearly indestructible.
The Swivel Bridge Train Set comes with a wooden tunnel and a swivel bridge with gates that automatically open and close.

Building fancy train tracks is something I can really get into, so it’s a great way to keep us all entertained together. Make a comment on this post telling me your favorite product before midnight Sunday, April 10. You are not eligible to win this giveaway if you have won a Melissa & Doug Giveaway in the past 12 months. My son loves cars and loves wooden puzzles so when he received the Melissa and Doug magnetic tow truck puzzle he was thrilled!! The railway set comes complete with freight train3 flatbed trucks with cargo, a suspension bridge, trestle bridge, a magnetized crane ( the tower and the A frame) with levers to raise and lower the cargo. Moreover, the wooden train and the track are designed so they are compatible with the most famous railway set, so we can combine any of our kids’ train set we already have. This set comes complete with trains, bridges, plus the Magic Mine Train Tunnel that makes authentic sounds.
So your kids can enjoy the 45+ wooden pieces – including ascending and descending track, a covered bridge, and a 3-car train – without a crew of four sweaty rivermen bunking in their rooms. Moving parts are always a huge hit with my boys, and Elliot has swiveled that thing to death!

Includes around 60 pieces of track so that your little one can build his or her own railroad and add twists, turns, and loops. Pretty awesome that Belize’s national mission statement is basically “let’s all sit around under a tree”. The Zoo Animal Train Set also comes with a 3-car train, and two of the cars have little baskets and a little painted wooden animal that fits in each one. Moreover, the trains and the track are designed so they are compatible with the most famous railway set, so we can combine any of our kids’ train set we already have. Although Melissa & Doug train sets are recommended for kids over the age of three, older kids and grandparents love trains, too.

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