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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts and updates via email. If there’s one thing that LEGO fans will never, never get tired of, it’s LEGO trains sets!
Earlier today I talked about this summer’s new LEGO Train Station 60050 set–and what good is a Train Station without a brand-spanking-new train for folks to wait at the station for, right?! The train features an opening front (to put the Train Driver inside, obviously), as well as opening doors on the side cars allowing you to put in passengers (and bikes, if you like!) and play with the tables and seats on the interior of the train. LEGO could probably just produced a slightly-tweaked and only somewhat-new LEGO train set every year for the rest of time and the LEGO train sets would still sell like wildfire, so it’s no surprise that LEGO is capitalizing on demand for new trains with the all-new LEGO City High-Speed Passenger Train 60051 set this summer 2014! And the main new train set for this year is going to be the awesome LEGO 60051 High-Speed Passenger Train! Let me just say that I very much appreciate the sleek design of the High Speed Passenger Train LEGO 2014 set, and think that the white and grey color scheme looks fantastic on it.

Given the fancy Power Functions of the LEGO 60051 High-Speed Passenger Train set and the impressive 7-speed, 8-channel infrared remote, it’d be unrealistic to not expect a fairly intimidating price-point. LEGO train sets are always ridiculously popular, so this particular set may be a mite hard-to-get once it’s released. Despite the high price-tag, will you be buying this latest LEGO train set for your collection? Also there are no doors, not even for looks so I think that your review is not entirely true. I’ll post an update to the Bricks and Bloks Facebook page once the LEGO City High Speed Passenger Train shows up in stores, so keep your eyes peeled if you want to add this mighty fine (and mighty expensive) train set to your LEGO City this summer.
Unlike the Lego studio however, it does not have Spiderman, or Jurrasic Park license, and this is purely going to be all creative sets.
Meaning, it’s based on what the set builders want to make, not on scenes from any kind of movie.

There are going to be 741 pieces, 5 minifigures, and out of those three are going to be the return of the Lego Ghost. This little guy has not been in any major sets in a long time, and Lego decided to give it the red carpet treatment. This set includes 4 train cars, and some of the train cars have wings which flap when you push it around, and an airplane.

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