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A thick plume of smoke could be seen over parts of the town after the derailment, and witnesses told QMI Agency they heard at least six explosions. The train was owned by Montreal Maine and Atlantic Railway (MMA), a company that specializes transporting chemical products and crude oil. BBB is an unbiased organization that sets and upholds high standards for fair and honest business behavior. Techno Metal Post is the first screw pile company to have obtained this Certification in Canada. Our factories and our welders are CWB certified and are audited regularly to ensure the excellence of the finished product.
On Monday evening (June 21) I drove south from Phoenix, Arizona to see some Union Pacific action at Maricopa. Within ten minutes another westbound train came along, with UP 9657 and UP 4080 and a short autorack train. In late May, I convinced my wife to stop briefly at Indian Head, SK so I could shoot the grain elevators there. No, but this photo by Jeff Keddy illustrates one of the trains CP is detouring over CN between Calgary and Winnipeg, due to the washout near Maple Creek, Saskatchewan.
As I mentioned in my previous post, after a bit of early evening railfanning outside Calgary, I was not done with my train chasing for the night. That was all very exciting, but I decided I wanted to see the famous Alyth yard while I was here too. They headed out just as I reached the top of the overpass, so I shot this video of their departure with my Canon T1i.
Looking down the track, I could see the end of the train was still on the mainline while the head end was well into the siding. I headed toward Calgary, but it wasn't long before I decided to head off the road to Dalemead.
On May 29, 2010 there were three sets of engines working the hump at Symington Yard in Winnipeg. The second set at work was on the back track on the hump, and I didn't catch any numbers except for CN 7521. I bought them at the time when I still bought vinyl and pretty much bought anything pearl jam related.

I traded away the two lp's from the sets that are integral to the sets if you want to bother selling them as a whole. I am selling several non-PJ 7" singles to Winnipeg residents, and I have Sloan's Is This All I Get? Businesses that earn BBB accredited business status contractually agree and adhere to the organization’s high standards of ethical business behavior. It appears to be part of the same group of GP9s as the old New Brunswick Southern Railway GP9s, as they are all in the same ex-SP number series. I saw headlights to the east when I was driving past the cow feedyards, so I stopped to get the shot. I went and grabbed some supper, and when I was driving back to the tracks, I saw the gates going down. This is not a comprehensive view of the elevators but a brief glimpse of yesterday's and today's elevators. Extremely heavy rains in the area washed the tracks, and the Trans Canada Highway, out near Maple Creek. 1601 wears the short lived CP Rail System livery while 1648 sports faded CP Action Red with the multimark.
A short drive brought me to the Blackfoot Trail, which goes over the north end of the yard. Unfortunately there is no walkway on that side, but I was able to take inventory of most of the units there.
I figured they were meeting another train, until I got closer and realized there was no crew in the train. I guess they couldn't fit the train in the siding without blocking a crossing, so they fouled the main. These are engines that work hard, constantly shoving long strings of cars up a steep hill, only to go back down the hill and do it again with another string. The pictured units, CN 7530, slugs 500 and 523, and CN 7513 were shoving their cars up the hill. Once or twice a week I will send an email with links to my latest blog posts and other content I post on the web. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.

I don't buy vinyl anymore, and I no longer collect things that just sit around and aren't useful to me.
The difference is that NBSR's GP9s had a short hood while RSSX 3756 still has the high short hood.
I made the mistake of leaving my car door open for a bit and the smell, and flies, got in the car and it took a while to get rid of both.
The slide was taken in Hamilton, Ontario.Strangely enough, 3578 was the newest of the three units shown. Since then, CP has been forced to detour its trains through the US and over CN to keep the traffic moving. I saw the shops, and shortly thereafter I saw CP 1601 and CP 1648 running light toward them.
They were a bit of an odd triplet, with modern block lettered CP 3078 leading, CP 3131 with the beaver emblem in the middle, and CP 3074 complete with multimark trailing. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). And some people have shown interest in only a few of the items in the box sets, so I figured there might be a market for them. I didn't get many decent shots because of this, but I did see a few interesting units, such as CP 1000. CN 500 and 523 are slugs, aka "daughters" or "calfs" that have electric traction motors but no diesel engines. Slugs are used in low speed operations like shunting because the diesels and their generators produce more power than one locomotive's traction motors can use. It was retired on January 31, 1995 and scrapped just over a year later.CN 5071 was an SD40 built in 1968.

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