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London Midland operates trains in the heart of England from London to Birmingham or Liverpool. Went Christmas shopping in Walsall, but before all of that nonsense I took some pics of the town centre and it's streetscapes. Church that has been converted into a little arcade with funky shops and cafe's, the church hall itself is on the top floor. Me too nacho, the gallery is fantastic for Walsall, I like the building too it is quite interesting and unique with it's randomly placed windows.
You were given this because people loved you, because people you never knew worked to feed you and long before you were born people died to protect you and to give you the opportunities they never had.

Well I thought it was best to post them in here to get people from around the whole country to look at them, I have done it with the Wolves thread too.
The Waterfront - ?180 million project will see 17 acres of vacant and derelict land around Town Wharf and the canal arm transformed into an exciting new quarter created as part of a revitalised Walsall town centre.
Providing more than 650 new homes, it will also offer a mix of offices, bars and restaurants, leisure facilities and attractive public open space and art, including new canal bridges and basins.
Small speciality shops, a food court and other retail outlets will complete the offer at this end of town, which will also benefit from improved car parking, pedestrian access and attractive public spaces. Everything in your life was given to you, the food you ate, the clothes you wore, the shelter you received.

Unfortunately it often gets overlooked by Birmingham and Wolverhampton but it has some greats attractions.
The Art Gallery is actually very good inside even if it does look like a lump of concrete cladding from the outside!

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