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Flight simulators, Car simulators and even Bus simulation has become a popular genre of games and until now, a suitable train simulator which was easy to use has been hard to come by. We have tested RailWorks Train Simulator 2013 against malware with several different programs. Train Simulator 2014 has been released by  Railsimulator, LTD and is available now on Steam for $54.99.

With Railworks' Train Simulator 2012, you get right into the nitty gritty of conducting a train and get to try out all of the realistic features included with the game available on the Steam platform!The graphics is Train Simulator 2012 are highly realistic and from some views, even breath-taking.
From within Train Simulator, you're able to choose from a variety of different locomotives and trainset setups including some more modern and even some historical trains set in the US, Great Britain or Germany. Some of the 16 different trainsets you're able to choose from are the super-modern Hitachi Super Express or some more historical models like those from GM.The game can be highly addictive as you experience travelling by train through a swath of different landscapes.

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