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Your bosses say that you need to transport with the train the right amount of coal after you load them.
Firstly I would like to thank flipkart's quick service and delivery.I too faced lots of problem installing MS Train Simulator.
Personally I like it more than Flight Simulator, but I don't think majority of the people will agree.

But this is not recommended if you are using windows 8 as this is a product for older generation of windows. I tried to find the solution to fix the problem, because after installing the game on my PC the game did not work.
De graphics zijn verbazend, het betreft een spel waarbij je natuurgetrouw moet rijden op de Japanse Tokyo treinen.

Hiervoor is het hele treinnetwerk rondom Tokyo gefilmd waardoor je gewoon de echte gefilmde omgeving, mensen en stations te zien krijgt.

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