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Rotherham College of Art and Technology 2008- Bond Bryan Architects picture from architect Rotherham College of Art and Technology This ?70 m town centre development will provide a new distinct identity for the college and aims to provide first class facilities for education and training locally. New platform 9 plan for Huddersfield Railway Station and access bridge from car park a€“ what would you like to see done? LOOK: Are you one of the stars of our fan gallery from Huddersfield Town u21s' play-off victory? There may also be a bridge built from the car park opposite platform eight direct into the station in a bid to improve traveller services.
Kirklees Council leader Clr Mehboob Khan said talks were being held with Network Rail and the Leeds City Region about potential improvements at the station, which is owned by the council. Clr Khan recently attended meetings with Network Rail about rail travel throughout West Yorkshire and revealed: a€?There were discussions about improving Huddersfield, Halifax and Bradford stations. After Leeds, Huddersfield is the second busiest railway station in West Yorkshire and is one of only two Grade I Listed railway stations in England, outside London.
The new platform would be platform nine under the present numbering sequence, although there are currently no platforms three or seven.
It was revealed at last weeka€™s Calderdale full council meeting that councillors were looking at the feasibility of a railway station for Elland as part of the borougha€™s Local Plan. And Clr Khan, in his role as a member of the Leeds City Region, also spoke about plans in Halifax, adding: a€?Wea€™re trying to get improvements at Halifax station to improve direct links between them and other towns and cities to help Halifax Bank of Scotland based in Halifax and protect 6,000 plus jobs in the town and improve future growth.
COULD there be a clearer demonstration of the potential for educational chaos and disruption caused be the now irreversible transition towards academies and free schools than the proposal for Shelley College to admit Year 7 pupils from 2014 (Examiner, September 28)? A MASSIVE upgrade to the rail network will disrupt 270,000 passenger journeys across the Pennines next month.
Not the obscure music here, but instead, the ancient sewer systems and underground passageways that we unknowingly walk over every single day. Not so long ago, we were telling you to look up, at the building that make this beautiful city of ours.
On the surface, Millennium Square is a metropolitan space, full of the hubbub of city dwellers enjoying the bars, restaurant and entertainment thata€™s on offer here. Underneath the Victoria Hall is the crypt, which was surprisingly used as a restaurant during war time. To explore this Leeds landmark, call the City Centre Box office on 0113 2343801 for guided tours which are held throughout the year. As one of the first towns in the country to have water piped to houses below ground, Leeds became a much cleaner settlement with this new invention. Of course thata€™s not to say Leeds was remotely clean a€“ local privies were still in use as well as middensteads (pits of human excrement, not unlike those youa€™d find at music festivals) and one particular pit used in Wellington Yard measured a horrific 2m deep and 7m wide. Aside from sewage systems and prison cells, the underworld of Leeds once offered a place of refuge in times of need, thanks to the World War 2 bunkers scattered throughout the city. The bunkers proved paramount during the most serious air raid on 14th March 1941, when just before midnight the City Museum and Town Hall were severely damaged and 4,600 houses were ruined. After the war the entrances were filled in and the exits sealed off for safety reasons, but they can still be seen from above ground; a grassy mound in Hyde Park, facing towards Brudenell Road was once a shelter and has now been sealed up with concrete. For most of us, the Leeds Train Station is an obstacle course of confused and hurried passengers, but directly underneath it are long forgotten rooms and corridors, that stretch out as far and wide as the station itself.

There are countless rumors of the underground subway station, which is said to have been abandoned due to World War 2, but the red brick rooms beneath our very own station are only too real. The Leeds underground recalls the rich history of the city, with most of the haunts existing unbeknownst to us. Leeds-List uses cookies to improve your visit through personalisation, advertising and analytics. North West ElectrificationNetwork Rail is delivering several billion pounds’ worth of rail service improvements in the north to speed up journeys, create rail links and improve stations. Our investment will see over 300km of the rail network electrified, improving connections between towns and cities including Manchester, Liverpool, Preston and Blackpool. Electrification will help to provide a reliable and sustainable railway, tackling overcrowding and reduce the cost of operating the railway.
The first two phases of electrification are now complete with passengers enjoying the benefits of new electric services from Manchester Airport to Scotland, Liverpool, and between Huyton and Wigan. Work has been undertaken on the route to assess bridges and tunnels to ensure that there is sufficient clearance for overhead power cables to be installed. A fully electrified route between Preston and Blackpool will connect the area to the West Coast Main Line, the key rail artery linking the North West with London and Scotland. We're currently assessing the structures along the route to understand which need to be modified to allow electrification. We are currently revising the scheme to include upgrades to track and signalling to take the maximum advantage of the investment opportunity.
These further improvements will accommodate the projected growth in train services and significantly improve journey times, helping to support economic growth in the north. We're currently assessing the structures along the route to understand which need to be modified. The Department for Transport announced additional funding to electrify these routes in autumn 2013. The station now has state-of-the-art facilities including new lifts and stairs which provide better access for passengers. The new RCAT building will have many sustainable features including a hybrid ventilation system with heat recovery, rainwater recovery systems, solar photovoltaic panels and solar thermal panels, leading-edge waste disposal systems and materials used from sustainable sources. Network Rail dona€™t own the station a€“ ita€™s one of the few they dona€™t a€“ so we need to ensure upgrades can take place. But now wea€™re driving your attention down, to the underground labyrinth that lies beneath our feet. Ita€™s believed the rumors began when the underground toilets and changing areas were built on the Squarea€™s redevelopment by architect John Thorp.
It was opened by Queen Victoria a€“ which should give you some kind of time frame for the kind for the things you might find underneath it.
What is intriguing is the notion that under the front steps, you can find ten very unnerving prison cells.
From 1942 the public could purchase a hot meal on a budget, a much needed delight during such hardships. One of the main sewage systems runs underneath the well-trodden Kirkstall Road, travelling to Knostrop at a distance of six miles.

As the correlation between running sewage in the streets and health were not recognised, disease was still rife until the 19th Century. Woodhouse Moor, Hyde Park, Chapel Allerton and East End Park all housed underground tunnels and shelters with separate compartments for men, women and children.
Rich in history, Leeds was a target for no fewer than nine air raids, six of which were serious, but its comforting at least to know that there is a city beneath our feet that protected those in need. A building that encompasses the glory of the industrial revolution, these rooms were abandoned when the station was completely renovated in the 1960s. When the new railway station was designed in 1967, it was thought to be more appealing to create staircases that would take passengers over the platforms instead of underneath, thus leaving the space below to become deserted.
The underground keeps the city clean, has provided justice, and kept our parents and grandparents safe in the most desperate of times. Your browser (the software you use to use the internet) allows us to create these small pieces of information ("cookies") on your computer. In conjunction with other improvements on the network, this will enable more trains with additional seats to run.
Supporting the region’s long-term, low carbon economy and better connecting people to jobs, services, friends, family, education and leisure opportunities.
To date, we have rebuilt an aqueduct, 15 road bridges, five footbridges and completed work to enlarge the Farnworth Tunnel in Bolton. The outcome of this work will be discussed with local authorities and stakeholders over the coming months.
A fully electrified route will be provided between Manchester, Leeds and York, linking up with the electrified lines at Leeds and York.
But be warned, there is a lot of speculation as to the existence of some of these secret haunts.
The conditions in the Bridewell prison cells were so bad they were classified as inhumane for prisoners in 1902 and were later used as cells until 1993 until prisoners were later held in magistrate courts. Most of us walk the city centrea€™s streets each day unaware of the main sewage systems found directly beneath them.
Two major outbreaks of cholera in 1832 and 1847 led to the installment of the sewage systems which were introduced as part of the Leeds Improvement Act of 1842 a€“ a real indication of how dirty life was. Once all were safely tucked inside, the exits were sealed to ensure the wreckage of bombs raining down on the city would never reach those locked away. There are toilets and running taps in the workers restrooms, with even a Bakelite telephone resting on the wall, indicating that they were last in operation in the a€?60s. A thriving world of the past existed right beneath our feet and it is certainly worth taking note of.
They were fitted with drinking water, toilets and wardena€™s posts with emergency exits to be used if necessary.

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