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Nilo tables and accessories are the perfect fit for all of your child’s favorite wooden trains, building blocks, and Lego or Duplo items.
If you are looking for a train table or train tracks head on over to Zulily and check out the sale they have right now for KidKraft train tables and accessories, we bought my son a train table when he was 3 for Christmas and he loves it still! Midget Momma is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
This 100 piece set includes a beautiful wooden train table plus a talking Thomas the Tank Engine and Percy, and 98 track and accessory pieces!
We are a small, family-run website dedicated to providing information about quality wooden toys for sale online. This colorful train table is constructed from wood and comes with a 100 piece wooden track and accessory set. Manipulating age-appropriate toys builds fine motor skills; while putting together a train set or building with blocks stimulates the imagination and develops problem-solving abilities. And of course, the best part is that several children can play together, learning to cooperate and share while they have fun.

All edges are rounded and smooth to prevent injuries; the Nilo-exclusive "holes" around the table rim accommodate expansion accessories which allow kids to set up a wooden train layout that extends beyond the edges of the table. The Multi-Activity table comes with a free Nilo graphic play mat that is the perfect backdrop for a Thomas the Tank Engine layout, as well as other popular toy trains.
Nilo Block tables are identical in design to the multi-activity table, except that they are ½ the size. Unlike other activity tables, both Nilo tables allow children to sit with their legs underneath. This popular item comes with 2 free Nilo Block-Building mats, which are both Lego and Duplo compatible; these can also be purchased separately in both blue or green.
The 24-inch leg kit works with both tables and can be used to raise the height to accommodate older, taller children. The roll-out storage bin, which works with both tables, comes with two panel dividers and is perfect for holding wooden trains, blocks and other toys when the table is not in use. The fixed casters allow kids to push the storage bin underneath the table for convenient storage when playtime is over.

These hugely popular mats allow children to create entire cities out of their favorite interlocking blocks. Unlike similar mats from other manufacturers, the Nilo block building mats hold blocks securely until kids are ready to take their creations apart and start over again.
Browse the huge inventory of over a thousand items designed for kids of all ages for a one-stop holiday shopping experience. From children's furnishings to trikes and bikes to dollhouses and play kitchens to the highest quality educational toys, you will find plenty of unique, well-made products that are perfect for the playroom, daycare or classroom - and none of the usual offerings that you will find at your local big box or mall toy store!
All items meet or exceed government safety standards and come from award-winning manufacturers who specialize in quality products for children.

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