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The station barcelona sants train schedule is considered as one of the centers of transport most used in the city, the station Barcelona Sants is the first train station for arrivals and national and international outlets, located in the west of the city can be reached by bus, taxi or subway.
You can buy your ticket on line up to sixty-two days before the trip by visiting the RENFE website, and when you go to barcelona sants train schedule ready the first 8 digits of your passport, or if you live in Barcelona, ??your NIE number, if you need your ticket before You can also visit the Renfe website, but you can always go to the station the same day of the trip to buy your tickets.

It was inaugurated in 1979 after lengthy works that were agreed at the end of the decade of the 60, their paths long and middle distance using high-speed network connecting Barcelona with national and international destinations.

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