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We have been producing timetables for eight years now for the Melbourne train network having recently completed an update in July 2014.
We have developed a process for formatting vast amounts of data from spreadsheets into DL booklets and A1 posters for each line and specific station. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it must be a duck – so the saying goes, but it is not true.
For one task, students viewed the Geelong to Melbourne VLine train timetable on their netbooks.
This entry was posted in Classroom activities, Maths and tagged clocks, Maths, time by Miss Kelly Jordan. The way you answered your questions was a really great way to do it and I hope I can do it again soon. It was fun learning about time last week, and I especially enjoyed playing Stop The Clock and watching everyone try and beat each others scores. My favourite time of the day is on Saturday, from 9am till 4pm, which is when I go horse riding!
I don’t get home and relax on Fridays because I play a football match, and some Saturday morrnigs I play game of footy. My netball team (Leopold Lightning) trains in the LINC and sometimes on the basketball court. It is good to hear you going onto the Train Website to have a look at the train you had to catch. I know lots of words but I don’t want to say them all because lots of other people have said most of them so if I say them again then there will be none left for all of the other people.
It was very nice of you to say to Miss Jordan thanks for putting the effort into this post and I agree with that because she does take up her spare time to do it for us. Speaking of time, I am wondering how many more days I will be waiting before my baby arrives.
It looks like you’ve had a great start to the term and I am sure everyone is very excited about camp next week! I liked it when we played stop the clock game and the match the analog time to the Digital. It is so fun because you can learn how to tell the time and it helps you in your everyday life.
I know the time is ticking because I am typing as fast as I can to try and get lots of replies done. I hope you can keep leaving lots of really good comments like this all of the time and I also hope you can reply to this comment.

Our World, Our NumbersCheck out our mathematical global project from Feb-May 2013, Our World, Our Numbers. Melbourne's public transport is in for a timetable shake up next month with 90 new train services, but not everyone is happy.
So let me get this straight.You want to have the benefits of being part of the city (which you would be if the airport didn't stand between Melbourne and Sunbury), have the metro taxpayer pay for your VLine services (because lets face it Sunbury in its self could not support a VLine service) but you don't want the metro rail line to service you. But Melbourne is by no means just a sporting city - it has thriving arts and university communities and is proudly multicultural with a strong migrant culture that has made the city one of the great food centres of the world.
Often in the shadow of the more famous trams, Melbourne's suburban train network is also of impressive size and efficiency.
North-Eastern suburbs trains (South Morang and Hurstbridge) depart from Platform 1 at Flinders Street, Platform 9 at Southern Cross, and Platform 1 at Flagstaff, Melbourne Central and Parliament. South-Eastern suburbs trains (Dandenong, Pakenham, Cranbourne, Frankston) depart from Platform 6,7,8,9&10 at Flinders Street, Platform 11,12,13,14 at Southern Cross, and Platform 2 at Flagstaff, Melbourne Central and Parliament. Western and North-Western suburbs trains (Williamstown, Laverton, Werribee, Sunbury, Craigieburn and Upfield) depart from Platform 6,7,8,9&10 at Flinders Street, Platform 11,12,13,14 at Southern Cross, and Platform 3 at Flagstaff, Melbourne Central and Parliament. Eastern suburbs trains (Belgrave, Lilydale, Ringwood, Blackburn, Alamein and Glen Waverley) depart from Platform 2,3&4 at Flinders Street, Platform 10 at Southern Cross, and Platform 4 at Flagstaff, Melbourne Central and Parliament.
Trains to and from Sandringham depart from Platform 12&13 at Flinders Street, and do not generally travel via other City Loop stations. Special Event trains to and from the Showgrounds and Flemington Racecourse depart from Platform 6,7,8,9&10 at Flinders Street, and Platform 13&14 at Southern Cross and do not travel via other City Loop stations. Melbourne is home to one of the worlds great urban tram networks and sits alongside San Francisco as the world tram capital. Melbourne is served by two major airports, both of which are connected to downtown by express bus services.
An extensive network of country train services from Melbourne to provincial cities throughout Victoria is operated by Vline. NSW Trainlink operates two daily XPT trains from Melbourne Southern Cross station to Sydney, and Great Southern Railways operates the Overland train twice weekly to Adelaide. Keep reading to discover our favorite games of the week: Angry Birds Action, Spectrum, Zer0, Zombie Frontier 3, Versus Run. Click the button, then use a QR code scanner to download the app directly to your Android device.
Purchase through our links to support the charities we support through our affiliate programs. They had to calculate the elapsed time for distances travelled between a variety of train stations.

My favourite time of night is probably at about quarter to nine, when I get to relax in bed with a book. I think I have improved on working out 24 hour time, and I would like to get better at calculating elapsed time.
When 4LB was learning about time, we were trying to think up some patterns in a digital time. Gave up on catching the Vline from Sunbury because of the pig-ignorant and rude demeanour of most Sunbury commuters and catch the 483 bus that goes to Moonee Ponds. Do you catch it during peak periods?I am tired of reading of the Sunbury citizens association (or whatever its called) complaining about the electrification of the Sunbury line.
Additional services will inevitably mean more and longer waiting for trains to clear Flinders Street and Southern Cross stations. Once again, we've complied a run down of the biggest and best stories from the tech, mobile, and app world. There has been a huge overhaul of how it looks on the inside as well, with a simpler, more minimalist design that puts more focus on your photos and videos. Revenue from these affiliate programs is split between the charities we have as paying clients at the end of each financial year. The reason I did that was because tomorrow I am going to see Melbourne Victory vs Liverpool.
I practice times at home by writing the digital time, do the analogue time on a clock I draw and then I write it in 24 hour time. She's not in a position, like any politician across the spectrum, to influence the likes of Mulder from Opposition.
It's spokesperson works in Sunbury and probably only catches a train one a month!PEOPLE IN MELTON ARE DESPERATE TO GO ELECTRIC!
A smarter move would be to have longer trains, double-decker trains or less seats on trains - ie get more people on the current services.
What you should be asking PTV (not Joanne Duncan) is what sort of trains they propose to run into Sunbury being as how the Comengs cannot maintain 115kph up the grade to Sunbury (empty) and the Xtrapolis are limited to 90kph. Of course when you get to North Melbourne, guess who barge their way onto an already packed Metro service.

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