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WeekendNotes is a free email newsletter which reviews fun and interesting things to do in your town or city. It's one round trip only, and tickets are selling for $10 (children 3-16 years old), $15 (seniors) and $20 (adults). BeauGiles wrote:thefatcontroller wrote:Anybody know or have a copy of the new network maps? Australia brags about its political system, but their PM says one thing during the election; something else when (s)he takes office, something else at midterm and something else when (s)he leaves. With regards to the network map, I notice that this time they did the Sydney Trains map more proportionately.
Glen wrote:If you look up a flight with Virgin all times are given in 12 hour clock, even on international sectors.Hmm, I wonder when that changed? Mike is no stranger to the portfolio having begun his Australian Public Service career in 1988 as a Graduate with the then Department of Transport and Communications.  He has held a number of senior positions across the portfolio. His work with the portfolio includes management of international and domestic aviation policy and regulation, the airport sales and regulation program, infrastructure investment, the COAG competition policy reform agenda, rail investment and regulatory reform, maritime policy, emissions, energy and natural resources policy.
Between March 2008 and June 2009, Mike was Deputy Secretary (Governance) with the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet with responsibility for government, governance, cabinet secretariat and corporate functions within PM&C. In 2009 he was the inaugural Commonwealth Coordinator General charged with ensuring the effective implementation of key Commonwealth economic stimulus infrastructure investments. Senator LUDLAM: Yes, in relation to peak oil and the biggest road construction program in 40 years. Mr Mrdak: For a decision on what alternative fuel sources may be available, a whole range of technological and vehicle investment decisions are taken. So the question here is: Why did the Transport Secretary not mention the BITRE 117 report on peak oil in 2017? BITRE 117 estimate for Iranian crude production flying high above IEA estimate in the Medium Term Oil Market Report July 2011 and also higher than actual production. Interestingly, in the organisational chart “High speed rail” is in the same group “Policy and Research” as BITRE. Economic analysis assumed an appraisal period of 20 years from 2036, being an indicative operational year for an HSR network.
So if Howard had immediately started with a high speed rail network in that year we would be 75% through the HSR project by now, with some shorter sections like Sydney – Canberra already completed. BUDAPEST, Hungary — Hungary’s national carrier ceased operations, grounded all its flights and stranded more than 7,000 passengers Friday, blaming what it called an “unsustainable” financial situation.

Malev, which had been selling tickets as late as Thursday, has debts of around 60 billion forints ($270 million) and has been unable to find new investors.
There are two reasons why catching the train on a weekend is often a pain – railway operators use it as an opportunity to replace and upgrade infrastructure while minimising the disruption to passengers, and when the trains do run, you have to wait longer at the station because fewer services are timetabled.
Buses will replace trains on parts of the Bankstown, Inner West and South lines next weekend, when about 85,000 registered participants are expected to travel into central Sydney for the world’s biggest fun run on Sunday.
Passengers on the affected lines have been urged to plan ahead and allow for more travel time, but Ms Berejiklian played down the likely disruption. We’ve paid for all that infrastructure, just to let it lay idle when people would actually use it?
I don’t buy the maintenance window argument as a reason not to improve service span and frequency.
As only one or a couple of lines would be down for maintenance on any one weekend, disruptions can be planned for and bustituted (or passengers travel on nearby lines). I spent a while last weekend travelling around Sydney on various means of public transport. Hong Kong and their Octopus card is the same – you can catch a train, ferry and then a bus with it, but you get charged a separate fare for each. My comment was mainly about the complexity of choosing the right ticket, and having to buy it. But it is the train driver who deserved to have his teeth kicked down his throat for that, and not the people organising the buses.
I was suprised on a recent trip to sydney, that sydney has trains on most lines every 10 minutes!
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Does seem like a bit of a backwards step.Seems more logical than before, since most trains do not travel Campbelltown-City Circle via Granville anymore. I know that Intercity services are now removed, but if you look at the Northern Beaches, there is more than sufficient room to place a rail line without redesigning the entire map.
People should be looking at continental Europe or East Asia for world's best practices, not England! That raises the question: why was BITRE’s peak oil report not used as a reason to urgently upgrade the rail line Canberra – Goulburn – Sydney which will be needed after most of the airlines have gone bankrupt – as a result of the combination of peak oil and the debt crisis? Mrdak has to say about peak oil, on 25 May 2011, more than 2 years after the BITRE 117 report was completed.

The growth of road traffic in Australia and the future demands of road traffic warrant significant investment in our road network.
I understand recent growth and it is the future demands part that unfortunately is the collision with the peak oil concept. I do not think anyone is suggesting that peak oil, if and when it is reached, will reduce demand for private travel. Given the abysmal historic record of planning and then abandoning railway projects in Australia, a high speed rail network would take decades to build and commission. We have the trains sitting idle on track that mostly isn’t having anything done to it on any given Sunday morning. Just trying to emphasise that there’s a massive net benefit to improving service span! And one can’t help thinking that the better service levels are paid for by pretty high ticket prices.
Maybe I'm reading a bit too far into this, but on the Northern Beaches area, they have made an exceptional amount of room for nothing; such blank area isn't seen anywhere else on the map. Since 2007, the Australian government has made a conscious decision to invest significantly in urban public transport, particularly heavy rail. If peak oil were in 2017, then any such project would come too late and immediate improvements to the existing rail network would be necessary rather than wasting time on dream projects. Travel in style of circa 1940s on board Legend of Steam™ Loco 3642 for a fabulous family outing, departing Katoomba for Mt Victoria at 1330.
Is this a sign of things to come?You also see a large amount of space where the former Light Rail used to be - in the Inner West. You have the option to explore the historic village or continue on for the full steam experience arriving at Bell at1421. In some regions, for example most German, French and Romanian speakers, use the 24-hour clock today even when speaking casually, while in other countries the 12-hour clock is used more often in spoken form.In other English-speaking regions, particularly former colonies of the United Kingdom, the 12-hour clock and 24-hour are used interchangeably in formal communications. With a Sydney Buses map, one would presume that just key routes (perhaps Metrobuses) would be shown.
The final timetable will be released closer to the event, so watch out for it at the Heritage Express website.

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