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Cape Cod (and the Islands)The state's premier summer vacation area of beaches, art and antiques. Fall River - A former fishing and textile manufacturing center, Fall River boasts a large Brazilian and Portuguese community. Springfield - The City of Homes and The City of Firsts, the Pioneer Valley's largest city and cultural capital. Massachusetts is an excellent travel destination, noted for many of its historical sites as well as diverse regional flavors. To the south of Boston is Cape Cod, a tremendously popular vacation spot and home to the Kennedy family, one of America's more influential political families. The Knowledge Corridor features New England's second most populous urban area, the 24 mile stretch between Springfield and Hartford, Connecticut. To the far west, you'll find more rural areas, the Berkshire Hills, the Appalachian Trail, and excellent skiing. Massachusetts is one of the oldest states in America, dating back to the foundation of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1620. Massachusetts is a state of firsts - the first public school (Boston Latin School), the first public library (Boston Public Library), the first public park (Worcester), the first American university (Harvard), the first National Armory (Springfield), the first gasoline-powered automobile (Springfield), the first birth control pill (Worcester), the first public beach (Revere Beach), the first motorcycle (Springfield), the first modern fire engine (Springfield), the first liquid fuel rocket (Worcester), the birthplace of basketball (Springfield), and the birthplace of Volleyball (Holyoke). Massachusetts also has its dark side, the Salem Witch Trials being one of the most significant black spots on the state's history. The easiest way to get into Eastern Massachusetts is through Logan International Airport in Boston. Other regional airports include Worcester, Manchester, Providence, Chicopee (Springfield), and Albany. Boston's South Station is the northern terminus of the Northeast Corridor, the most heavily trafficked rail route in the country, and one of the few routes serviced by Amtrak [3] with a high frequency of service. Springfield is also served by Amtrak with trains entering from the north, south, east, and west.
Other Western and Central Massachusetts cities are also served by Amtrak, although much less frequently than Boston. Though easily accessible by train, if traveling from Pennsylvania or further away, it is frequently cheaper and almost always faster to fly to Massachusetts than take the train (however, traveling on the Lake Shore Limited from Chicago and all points in between is often less than $100). I-93, which begins just south of Boston, goes under much of downtown (the famed "Big Dig"), then heads north to New Hampshire, crossing the Merrimack River at Andover. I-91 follows Connecticut River south through Greenfield, Northampton and Springfield in Massachusetts, continuing south to New Haven, Connecticut.
I-95, the major north-south highway of the East Coast, enters the state at Attleboro and heads toward Boston.
I-290 runs from I-495 in Marlborough through downtown Worcester and ends at the Mass Pike in Auburn. I-190 is a short road that connects Worcester to the northern cities of Fitchburg and Leominster.
I-495 forms a sort of "outer belt" around Boston, beginning near the base of Cape Cod and swinging west, through Foxboro, Franklin, Marlborough and the Merrimack Valley before joining I-95 near the New Hampshire border.
I-195 connects Providence, Rhode Island with the South Coast, linking Fall River, New Bedford and continuing to the base of Cape Cod.
Dial 511 on your cell phone to listen to up-to-date traffic conditions for all major highways. A number of bus companies run a Boston-New York route, from the nationally-known Greyhound to Springfield-based Peter Pan, to a variety of small, low-cost "Chinatown bus" carriers. Within and around Boston, public transportation is run by the Mass Bay Transit Authority or MBTA [11] and is called the "T", and there are commuter rails (purple on the maps) that go to surrounding suburbs and cities including Framingham and Worcester.
The suburbs in the south are served by Boston's South Station, while the suburbs in the north are served by Boston's North Station. I-90 (also called the Massachusetts Turnpike, or simply the Mass Pike) is the major East-West route across the state. There are a number of "rail trails" - converted rail road lines - throughout the state that have been paved for pedestrian and bicycle travel. Although it is illegal to hitchhike on the highway itself, I-90 has a very good system of commercial rest stops placed conveniently every few miles. New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park and exhibits in Gloucester, Provincetown and Nantucket harken to the days when fishing and whaling were a vital industry.
Springfield (Massachusetts) Armory National Historic Park, the site of which was selected by George Washington himself. Numerous historical sites and monuments as Massachusetts played a central role in the American Revolution.
For history buffs, Taunton is a small city filled with well-documented archives, preserved historical sites, and an extensive chronology of notable history dating back nearly 400 years.
For decades, artists have migrated to Provincetown on Cape Cod and Northampton in the Pioneer Valley. If you're looking for something that's fun for the whole family, head to Agawam, Massachusetts. Mass Wildlife maintains an excellent site[19] showing access points and maps of wildlife areas as well as regulations, permits and fees.
Bay Circuit Trail, [21] a 200 mile network of interconnected trails extending from Plum Island, Newburyport in the North to Kingston Bay in the South. Coastal Massachusetts is blessed with great shellfish including, lobster, clams and oysters. Worcester's ethnically diverse population offers home-style food from all over the world in funky little restaurants hidden in odd corners all over the city. Inland areas offer traditional New England country cuisine, especially at rural church suppers and breakfasts.

Far eastern and far western Massachusetts's rocky soils produce two outstanding crops: tomatoes and apples.
Driving - Massachusetts drivers have a reputation for aggressive and careless driving including running red lights and unpredictable changes of lane or direction. Deer are abundant and car-deer collisions frequent, especially during fall migrations and breeding seasons which may peak on moonlit nights in November. Although in 1846 author Thoreau had to leave Walden Pond and travel to Maine to observe moose, these larger relatives of deer are recolonizing Massachusetts as old farms revert to forest. Getting lost in thick woods is surprisingly easy, especially in the short days of fall and winter. Fireworks - Keep in mind, Massachusetts is one of the few states that bans all consumer fireworks. Massachusetts, home of Northampton, Provincetown, and the first US state to legalize same-sex marriage, is arguably the most accepting state in all of the USA. Massachusetts has a sports rivalry with New York, notably between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees (baseball), but also in American football (between the New England Patriots and New York Jets, and, to a lesser extent, the New York Giants). Rhode Island - The capital city of Providence is a short journey to the south of Masschusetts. Connecticut - Massachusetts' southern neighbor is home Hartford and the Knowledge Corridor, Mystic Seaport, the restaurant and nightlife scene in downtown New Haven, the Maritime Aquarium, and two major Native American casinos. New York - Located west of Massachusetts, upstate New York is home to the Finger Lakes region, a popular outdoor and wine-growing area.
Vermont - The fall foliage in Massachusett's northwestern neighbor is a sight not-to-be missed, while during the rest of the year the state offers a rural charm unique in America. New Hampshire - Massachusetts' northern neighbor is a fiercely independent state that offers the rugged White Mountains, idyllic lakes, and a handful of ocean resorts. Text is available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0, images are available under various licenses, see each image for details. Para la mayoria de los hoteles que hemos elegido, su historia penitenciaria parece un lejano cuento de hadas. Avenue and 42nd Street (tel 212-564-8484), but numerous companies do not use the terminal, preferring to load and unload passengers on street corners.
York City's Chinatown had its license revoked on February 26, 2013 by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. A service of Premier Coach, Vermont Translines runs daily buses along north-south US Route 7 between Burlington VT and Albany NY; and along US Route 4 between Rutland VT and White River Junction VT, continuing to Hanover and Lebanon NH, connecting many smaller Vermont towns with main intercity bus and train lines.
This joint service of Greyhound Lines and Peter Pan Bus connects Chinese-American communities in Boston, New York City and other East Coast cities. Massachusetts is known as "The Bay State" because of its three large bays which dominate and shape the coastline. The eastern Massachusetts Bay area of the state from Gloucester to Plymouth is very metropolitan, with Boston at its hub.
West of Boston you'll find the Blackstone Valley National Corridor, a vast expanse of rolling hills and small towns, as well as some of the most unique vineyards in the East Coast. The name Massachusetts comes from Algonquian Indian words that mean the great mountain, an apparent reference to the tallest of the Blue Hills, a recreation area south of the town of Milton. It also features the site of the Boston Massacre, the event that set off the American Revolutionary War, with the "shot heard 'round the world" in Concord at the Old North Bridge. It is accessible by Amtrak's Northeast Regional Service, the Vermonter from the north and south, and the Lake Shore Limited from the east and west. Pittsfield, Worcester, and Framingham are served by Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited from the east and west. To the north it passes along the border between Vermont and New Hampshire, then through eastern Vermont to Canada. Luxury bus transportation offering professionals business services between New York City and Boston. Serves Boston, Amherst, Holyoke, and Hyannis from various cities in New England and the Mid-Atlantic. From 1777 until Robert McNamara's controversial decision to shut down the Springfield Armory during the Vietnam War, the National Arsenal led to innumerable military and industrial innovations, including interchangeable parts.
Northampton, Cape Cod, Rockport and Gloucester have thriving artist colonies and numerous galleries. Minuteman National Historical Park in Concord gives a taste of what times were like when America was born.
Now both are full-blown artist colonies, home to numerous galleries and performance venues. The diversity of whale species that can been seen here is only equaled by far off corners of the Earth such as Antarctica, Patagonia, and Alaska. It is a simmered pot meal of corned beef, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, and sometimes turnips. Many seacoast towns schedule chowder festivals at which locals compete for bragging rights. Stylish Shrewsbury Street (near UMass Medical School) offers many trendy new restaurants, as well as a few classic diners. Residents from Springfield to Greenfield benefit from local farmers markets throughout the year.
Notable dishes include spaghetti-and-meatballs, roasted chicken, baked beans, baking powder biscuits, fruit pies, and cobblers. For example, a landlord rents an apartment to young adults who have a party and a person drinks and drives and causes an accident. If you wish to purchase and use fireworks, please do it in a neighboring state that allows it.

The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers (basketball) also have a fierce rivalry, although there are fewer visible LA fans due to distance. Inaugurada en 1851, en la prision de 220 celdas han residido famosos convictos como Albert DeSalvo, alias el Estrangulador de Boston, Malcolm X y la tripulacion de un submarino aleman durante la II Guerra Mundial. Originario del siglo XI, este castillo fue construido por los normandos durante el periodo de la Anarquia de Inglaterra y acabo destruido. Massachusetts Bay in the Greater Boston and Cape Ann area and Cape Cod Bay, which shapes Cape Cod against the Atlantic Ocean, are on the eastern shore. Here you can find great cooking, fresh seafood, and an intense concentration of colleges and universities. The faster Acela trains shave about an hour off those journeys, and although they cost more, they generally present a more enjoyable trip.
With the renovation of Springfield's Union Station, Springfield will receive an increase in rail traffic in the next several years, so be aware that schedules will change.
The college mecca of Amherst is served by the Vermonter, but the stop is scheduled to be re-routed to Northampton with the completion of the Pioneer Valley intercity commuter rail. This abundance of whales, combined with the close proximity of both Stellwagen Bank and Jeffrey's Ledge, is no doubt responsible for Gloucester's popularity as a whale watching port. The Claire Saltonstall bikeway traverses a marked route from Boston to Cape Cod on some less-travelled roads. A hole is dug, (sometimes in beach sand, but more often inland), lined with stones and a fire started in it.
Fried clams are an alternative way to serve these delectable shellfish, usually accompanied by french fried potatoes.
This compliments the diverse and cosmopolitan dining scene in the 15 miles from Northampton-Amherst to Springfield.
Cider mills churn out fresh cider to sell alongside bags of apples in roadside farm stands. If they have already attached themselves use tweezers and pull from the back of the "neck" in a firm quick motion - burning may cause them to burrow in further so never put a match to them. Finally, the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens (hockey) have been rivals for a long time. No tienes que violar la ley para acabar en el talego, solo necesitas tener sentido del humor, una mente abierta y el dinero de la condicional para pagar tu estancia.The Liberty Hotel, Boston, EE.
La carcel se cerro oficialmente en 1990 por causas de aglomeracion.Hoy en dia, el edificio se ha convertido en uno de los hoteles mas pijos de Massachusetts. No hace tanto de cuando encerraban aqui a peligrosos delincuentes, de hecho lo hacian hasta 2007.
With all of the current train-building in Western Massachusetts, it's best to check ahead regarding stops. As these rest stops are quasi-private property, it may be advisable to buy something small, like a pack of gum, so that you are a paying customer. Both places are renowned for their liberal attitudes, great shopping, restaurants, and unique atmospheres. Later the coals are covered with wet seaweed to create a steam pit into which packages of lobster, fish, clams, mussels, potatoes, and ears of corn are put.
On a crisp fall day the stands often offer warmed fresh cider mulled with cinnamon, clove and other spices.
But it's not recomended to choose Vermont as only sparklers or novelty fireworks can only be purchased and in possession.
While wearing merchandise of rival teams will generally only elicit mild comments or playful joking throughout New England, it can sometimes lead to harassment or confrontation, particularly before, during, or after important sports games. Los pedazos restantes que quedaron de la estructura se convirtieron en una prision de alta seguridad durante el siglo XIX.Tras su cierre en el ano 1996, parte de las instalaciones acabaron siendo patrimonio cultural, y el resto se convirtio en un centro comercial y en un conocido hotel boutique.
It is purported to be young cod or haddock, but is assumed by locals to mean generic white fish. Do not bring your purchased fireworks back into Massachusetts, that qualifies as smuggling as you(the consumer) is in possession of fireworks.
El hotel Malmaison cuenta con una serie de lujos que los internos pueden disfrutar, como por ejemplo celdas con ventanas de 15 centimetros de ancho o la posibilidad de alquilar el elegante uniforme de rayas.
It should also be noted that wearing rivals merchandise in bars or other more casual settings may result in poor service, or harassment from other tables. Puede que incluso te encuentres con Mary Blandy, el fantasma de una antigua reclusa del siglo XVIII que se pasea por la carcel de noche… El hotel tambien es un lugar popular para celebrar bodas.Hotel Langholmen, Estocolmo, SueciaLos prisioneros no pudieron planear su “gran evasion”, pero cuando te fijas en el impresionante entorno de la isla de Langholmen en Estocolmo te preguntas… “?Y quien querria irse de aqui?” Esta pequena isla fue en su dia la mayor prision de Suecia, con 500 celdas y preciosos jardines.
Lighting them in the countryside isn't recomended as you'll never know if there's someone earby watching.
Finalmente, la cerraron en 1989.Se renovaron las instalaciones y en 1991 se convirtio en un bonito lugar donde poder escaparse de vacaciones.
Cada habitacion esta decorada mezclando el diseno holandes mas puntero y el estilo original del penal de 1863. This also goes for anyone who is just driving through the state with a vehicle full of fireworks. Por ejemplo se conservan las puertas de la prision, ?a las que ahora les puedes echar la llave desde dentro!Aparte de las habitaciones, hay “Restaurantes penitenciarios”, donde las gachas han sido sustituidas por sabrosa cocina de autor que se sirve en una mesa comunitaria.

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