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Trainyard es un juego de puzles de aspecto simple con tematica de trenes que hara sudar a tu logica y a tu ingenio. Un tren sale de la estacion A mientras otro tren… no, no temais, no es un juego para practicar vuestras matematicas, pero este puzzle de trenes hara que os devaneis los sesos igual. Trainyard es un puzzle que nos deja bastante libertad, solo tenemos que seguir una premisa basica, que el tren que llegue a la estacion sea el tren correcto, y para ello tendremos que jugar con el color del tren o trenes, su numero, su direccion, etc. Su destino y su recorrido deberan depender del color de la casilla final, del numero de trenes o destinos, y otras complicaciones que iremos desbloqueando a medida que aumente la complejidad de las pantallas. Y no se si Noodlecake Studio lo ha hecho para mostrarnos que no hay una unica solucion a estos problemas o para ayudar, pero, ademas, esta a vuestra disposicion una web donde compartir las soluciones y ver las que han usado otras personas en esas mismas pantallas. Puedes comprar la aplicacion completa por 2,32 € en Google Play, sin mas compras in-app ni mas engorros, y ?a disfrutar!
Tengo este juego desde hace un ano o asi y es de los mejores que han pasado por mi movil, 100% recomendable.
There is an unmarked train tunnel (with a Very Hard lock on both ends) north of the train yard that leads to Nellis Air Force Base and may be used to avoid the howitzer bombardment when approaching the Boomers' base. The Meresti trainyard is one of two ways into the Meresti Metro station, the underground lair of The Family. The Meresti trainyard is an abandoned trainyard with several derelict metro cars and old rails.
A copy of Tumblers Today can be found sitting next to a bathtub in one of the demolished houses south of the yard at the cratered hamlet.

A group of buzzards continually circle above the entry tunnels, which is quite useful for spotting the trainyard from a distance. There is a 'Type A' random encounter location between the two train tunnel entrance structures.
Warrington trainyard is located just west of Tenpenny Tower and north-west of Warrington station in the southwest corner of the game map.
To the northwest, just over the ridge, is a Dot's Diner, however, it has no notable loot of any kind. If Broken Steel is installed one will sometimes find a feral ghoul reaver, an unpleasant surprise for low level characters mainly due to their large health and better attacks. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. El pequeno estudio indie Noodlecake Studios sigue ampliando su lista de exitos desde que nos conquisto con Super Stickman Golf 2. Es realmente simple, y los primeros puzles son muy sencillos, pero la dificulta no tardara en llegar y ponerte a prueba.
Las que contienen una cruz (o varias) son aquellas desde donde saldran los trenes, y las que tienen ccirculos marcan donde deberan llegar estos trenes de colores. Posee mas de 100 puzles diferentes que pondran a prueba tu imaginacion, y, por supuesto, tus ansias de superacion. There is a large possibility for this star bottle cap to find itself thrown around the room and with the possibility of becoming lost during the inevitable battle with residing ants in the confined space within.

There is a Type B random encounter location just west of the diner, at the radioactive pools. It may also clip through the desk, at which point it is impossible to retrieve without console commands or lucky explosives usage. This trainyard is an entrance to the area in which Roy Phillips and his ghoul friends are living. Adjacent to the east wall of the east train tunnel are two makeshift open shacks, and north are the remains of a small pre-War parking lot, which is occupied by a leveled raider wielding a melee weapon.
Feral ghouls are seen wandering the wasteland within the compound of the station, day or night. West by the riverbank is a small wharf made into a raider camp, manned by three respawning leveled raiders.
Directly south-southeast of the trainyard is an irradiated ruin of a larger building, and a cluster of broken homes near which is a respawning leveled random wasteland creature.

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