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Using Metrolink to travel to the hundreds of destinations throughout Southern California is made possible by Metrolink’s superior fleet of trains. Locomotives are specialized train cars that house powerful engines, generating the power behind your ride. The Sydney train service is excellent by global standards, although you will hear many Sydneysiders complain, the trains generally run on time and get you within close proximity of all major city and suburban districts.
All the city circle and stations between Redfern to North Sydney and Bondi Junction cover the city centre. A Return ticket allows you to travel back and forth between your starting destination and a chosen location.

Also take a look at the MyMultiPasses (link), these offer travel on various modes of transport including Sydney Buses, Ferries and Light Rail. Metrolink’s bilevel passenger cars carry our most important asset, our riders, and come equipped with comfortable seating, bicycle storage, tables and restrooms.
If it were not for prostestors & lobbyists this beautiful part of Sydney would have been gone in the 70's.. Cab cars are special passenger cars that have control cabs, where our engineers operate our trains when in the push configuration. It is fairly uncomplicated but keep in mind that if you are two travelers heading to the city centre, a single ride (one direction) ticket will cost you $11.80 each.

The airport is approximately 15km from the heart of the city so either way you are about 20mins away from your Sydney city.

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