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Discussion of making the horn be trigger while the train is on the tracks is also included, and the circuit can be powered from a 9V DC battery power source. Note: Comments by new registrants are reviewed prior to being shown.We're looking for high quality posts! Assemble the circuit on a good quality PCB or common board.Constructing a bread board prototype is recommended.
The A-2 was a single-note horn used primarily on switchers, locomotive cranes, self-propelled railcars, and the like.

If you don't have the 556, the equivalent circuit using 555 timers is also given, for your convenience!
This bracket is used on the 2333, 2334, 2343, 2344, 2345, 2353, 2355 and 2356 F3 locomotives. Signal starts not less than one quarter mile before reaching the crossing, if distance permits. If distance does not permit, signal starts soon enough before the crossing to provide warning.

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