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MTA, the largest North American Public Transportation System adopts Bitimec Bus Wash Equipment. The New York City MTA chose 2 Bitimec battery powered 626-EZ Bus Washing Systems, which are totally self-enclosed power brushes on wheels.The Bitimec Speedy Wash model 626-EZ is the most advanced self-contained mobile bus wash machine available on the market today. Fast machines for washing trucks, trailers, buses, RVs, tanker-trucks, trains and railcars.

Double controls allow the machine to work in two directions reducing wash times to 6-8 minutes per bus.
Bitimec wash equipment occupy less than 15 square feet of floor space and drastically reduces the unit cost for washing large vehicles.NYCTA is the authority that operates public transportation in New York City, part of the Metropolitan Transit Authority, the busiest and largest transit system in North America, with a daily ridership of 7 million trips. MTA buses operate on 273 local routes, 63 express routes and 5 select bus service routes with a fleet consisting of over 5,700 transit buses in total.

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