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I attended a town hall meeting about the airplane noise coming from LaGuardia Airport at PS 69 in Jackson Heights. The auditorium was packed and there were people lined up along the walls as well as standing in the back of the auditorium. The timing of the town hall meeting, only six weeks before the construction was to end, led one of the local pundits to cynically suggest that this was merely political theater, rather than an effort to accomplish anything substantive. There was an earlier town hall meeting organized about two years ago by NYC City Councilmember Dromm, to tackle the problem in its early stages, and while it was happening - not after it was all over - which is what we're close to today. But that said, these town hall meetings are not just political theater, although inevitably that is some of it, which you will see in the video.
In doing follow up research I found a piece on the Federal Register government website that informed me that the FAA is considering changing the operational hours and slots for LaGuardia Airport. Click here to read the rest of this report about LaGuardia Airport & Airplane Noise in NYC. Meanwhile in the Sunnyside railway yards, many of the buildings that once dotted the landscape have been demolished. Click here to get an update on the East Side Access Project impact on Midtown Manhattan & Upper East Side real estate.

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION FROM PORT AUTHORITY TO JFK AIRPORT Round trip between penn station, operated. The town hall had been organized by NYS Senator Peralta’s office and the panel of speakers included local government officials and representatives of the Federal Aviation Administration [FAA] and the New York New Jersey Port Authority [NYNJPA]. Airplane noise has emerged as a big issue for Jackson Heights due to a couple of construction projects going on at the airport – both of which will be completed at the end of November.
And while the immediate problem will subside, we discovered that there a number of efforts either underway or in the planning stages, in which the community has a vested stake in the outcomes.
The report includes video presentations, including some audience interaction, and a photo slide show and other information about FAA air traffic changes, airplane noise and what you can do about it. The Jamaica Train station is the LIRR hub and the busiest transportation complex in Queens.
Progress on the East Side Access Tunnel project has been visible in Queens since early Spring 2010. They provide great, affordable rates for on time and safe ground transportation services throughout New York City and the NYC Airports, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also found other things that were either scarcely touched upon or not addressed, which we included in this report.

The introduction to the Cyclists' Rights Forum was given by Christina Vassallo, Executive Director, Flux Factory. They’ve also cleared away a number of old warehouse and garage like structures along 43rd Street between Northern Blvd and 39th Avenue.
The maps include cultural and community organizations, restaurants, shops and hotels from the neighborhoods of Midtown Manhattan, the Upper East Side, UES, the Upper West Side UWS, the East Village, West Village, SoHo, Tribeca, Chelsea, Murray Hill, Gramercy Park - maps in NYC.
She told us that the event came about after she and a friend were stopped for cycling violations, which they thought were not illegal, or had erroneously been applied as violation points to their motor vehicle driver’s license. As a result she saw the need for a forum to clarify laws, rights and proper procedures for cyclists to follow.

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