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City Council members and other officials called Wednesday on Mayor Bill de Blasio to add Hudson River service into his new ferry plan that launches in 2017.
The mayor’s Citywide Ferry Service proposal would add five ferry lines to the city’s transit network, but none use the Hudson River.
The new planned routes include connections between Astoria and Roosevelt Island with East Midtown and Wall Street, southern Brooklyn neighborhoods like Bay Ridge and Sunset Park with Wall Street, and the Rockaways near Beach 108th Street with Wall Street.
Officials and groups that back the plan include Councilman Mark Levine, whose district includes Morningside Heights and Harlem, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, and the Waterfront Alliance.
They say crowded subway service on the West Side and new construction like the massive Hudson Yard development show ferry service is needed. The Liberty Landing Ferry Service also runs regularly between Jersey City and the World Financial Center Terminal.
Looking for a unique way to experience the splendor of Upstate New York's fall foliage? The autumn run of the Great Dome car is the perfect opportunity from some #nofilter Instagramming. Damage to concrete walls inside Amtrak's Hudson River tunnels caused by Hurricane Sandy will require closing each tunnel tube for one year to repair them. Amtrak's 104-year old Hudson River tunnels are running on borrowed time and need to be shut down for a year each to repair the damage received from Hurricane Sandy flooding, according to transit officials. The report is the first detailed look at the extent of damage to the Hudson and East river tunnels.
Corrosion from the sulfates and chloride left behind, after sea water was pumped out, is deteriorating concrete bench walls along side the tracks, the electrical wiring inside them and the tracks themselves, said Stephen Gardner, vice president of Northeast Corridor Infrastructure and Investment Development. Amtrak proposed the Gateway Tunnel project, in February 2011, which includes building two new Hudson River tunnels to Penn station, four tracks through the New Jersey Meadowlands, replacement of the trouble prone 100-year-old Portal Bridge and construction of a New York Penn Station south to handle additional passengers. Losing one of the current tunnels would be a commuting nightmare, but getting financial support for Gateway will be be difficult, said Len Resto, New Jersey Association of Railroad Passengers president.
A report by consultant HTNB about the tunnel conditions has been shared with the Congressional delegation of both states.
The report found that salt will continue to deteriorate infrastructure in the old tunnels, which will make train service more prone to delays. To do the major repair work, one tube of the two Hudson River tunnels would have to be shut down for a year, which would have severe impact on the 450 trains a day which use the tunnels. Transit advocates said the tunnels should be built before any other part of the Gateway project. Until a new tunnel is built, interim repairs call for pressure washing the tunnel to remove salt, removing damaged and loose concrete, coating exposed steel, sealing all cracks and pressure washing and patching holes in the concrete tunnel lining more than one inch deep. The $689 million major repair project requiring a tunnel shut down, would replace and rebuild tunnel bench walls, tracks and roadbed. Amtrak officials are looking to insurance money to fund all or most of that work, Gardner said. Work on the two damaged East River tunnels, used by the Long Island Rail Road and by NJ Transit trains which are stored in the Sunnyside Yard in Queens, will be the first major repair project. Design work is starting for the Hudson River tunnel repairs Environmental and preliminary design work on Gateway also has been funded and has started.
For more information about the Yankees-East 153rd Street Station and service, please click here. Please note: Backpacks and other containers will not be allowed into Yankee Stadium for all games.
Fans of the scoreboard segment, in which three animated trains race through the city in a season-long battle on the giant scoreboard screen, have noticed the absence of the familiar B, D and 4 markings on the front of the subways, representing the three lines that go to the Stadium. According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the Yankees, that could all change soon, once a financial misunderstanding between the MTA and the Yankees is cleared up. While some assumed that the MTA had ordered the Yankees to cease the use of the names, a spokesman from the authority told the Daily News that couldn't be further from the truth. According to an MTA official, the MTA had lent the use of its train names to the Stadium feature for years at no cost to the Yankees, the only stipulation being that the segment not be sponsored by another company. The Yankees, presumably believing the MTA was looking for a piece of the sponsorship pie, never returned the call, opting instead to drop the names of the train lines in favor of the team-related colors. Informed of the MTA's stance Tuesday, the Yankees said they were open and receptive to finding common ground with the MTA, paving the way for a quick resolution that would return the B, D and 4 trains to their rightful place on the Stadium scoreboard. Zhu Yi used to nap on the five-hour train ride home to Wuhanfrom Zhuzhou in central China. The view from Zhu’s reclining seat shows how China’s push to build a 16,000-kilometer high-speed passenger network by 2020 is carrying China’s industrial boom inland. The new trains will transform China’s economy in the way bullet trains did in Japan in the 1960s and 1970s, according to Beijing-based China International Capital Corp., the top-ranked brokerage for China research in Asiamoney magazine’s annual survey. China’s bullet-train spending has buoyed rail stocks since a 4-trillion-yuan stimulus was announced in November 2008.

Companies providing rolling stock and equipment to train operators have some of the best growth prospects in the country, said Anderson Chow, a Hong Kong-based analyst with Macquarie Capital Securities. Earnings growth at CSR Corp., which makes locomotives and wagons, will surge an annual average 38 percent over the next three years, said Chow. Japan’s bullet trains triggered “explosive growth” in tourism-related retail sales along their routes in the decade after Shinkansen services began in 1964, CICC said. In China, more businesses will move inland to capitalize on labor as much as 50 percent cheaper than in the more affluent eastern areas of the country, and on lower land and rental costs. Beijing Lanxum’s Zhu said the bullet trains helped him increase sales about 15 percent this year in Zhuzhou, Hunan’s second-biggest city, because he can contact more clients. Changsha, population 6 million and the capital of Hunan province, shows how the fast trains are altering the landscape in central China.
China’s industrial transformation may be greater than Japan’s because its rail network will be bigger and its trains faster, according to JP Morgan’s Ulrich.
Changsha’s fast rail link enables CITIC Capital to hire senior staff from coastal cities such asShenzhen to manage the retail malls, said Ching.
When the Guangzhou-Shenzhen line opens next year, travel time to Changsha will shrink to about 2.5 hours from more than 9 hours. Companies based in Yunfu, such as stainless-steel tableware maker Linkfair Group and agricultural company Wen’s Group, will benefit, said John Scales, Beijing-based transport sector coordinator at the World Bank. China’s development of locomotives has won its companies overseas orders in Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, and the nation is competing to build a high-speed railway in California costing more than $40 billion. The 1870s proved to be “a disastrous decade” as default rates reached 35 percent, according to a Stanford University research paper. Russell Hoss, manager of the Newport Beach, California-based EPH China Fund, said investors in China may do better buying companies with businesses along the new lines.
Kroeber said construction of new track for the network will free up space on existing lines for freight, generating enough revenue over 15 years to pay for the new lines. Freight has doubled between Guangzhou and Wuhan since the route opened in December, said He Huawu, the railway ministry’s chief engineer, in an interview. Singapore-based DBS Asset Management, which in April set up the China Rail Network Opportunities Fund, sees a long-term expansion.
Reinforced metal plates are being installed along the walls of a number of subway tunnels running under New York's Hudson River in a secret project to terror-proof the high-risk travel route. The Port Authority has brought in contractors to ensure the walls of four PATH subway tunnels won't give way and flood the system should a bombing take place on a train.
Flood-prevention gates are also being put in place at either end of the two main lines that run from the World Trade Centre and the West Village to Jersey City. Workers are apparently installing 15 pieces of inch-thick steel plates each night as they rush to complete the project before the World Trade Center memorial opens next year. Bomb threat: A sign warns riders of possible inspections on backpacks and containers as people enter a Port Authority subway station. The same year, a terrifying report about the vulnerability of the subway's tunnels to a bomb was leaked to the media. The report said that if a small explosive - with enough power to create a 50-foot hole in the tunnel - were detonated there would be catastrophic results, with more than a million gallons of Hudson River water each minute surging into where the commuters were.
The PATH tunnels - which are nearly a century old - are thought to be considerably weaker than other underground subway routes, so are a key target for terrorists wanting to wreak havoc. The Roosevelt Island tram reopens today after an eight-month, $25 million overhaul -- a relief for residents who prefer it to the subway or buses. Riders will see 30 percent more windows, more seating space, faster travel times and wider walkways into and out of the pods. And each of the two cars now has its own cable, so, at rush hour, they can pick up passengers on the same side at the same time, said designer David Aubonnet, of French-based Leitner-Poma. Oddly, they'll hold fewer people, down from 125 to 109 -- although the highest number recorded in the old cars was less than 100, Aubonnet said.
Commuters at New York City's Penn Station got a big surprise Tuesday as country music star Keith Urban put on a 30-minute “pop-up” show right in the middle of the morning rush. Urban has tried different things to connect with fans, from unique shows to contests, and he said it was his way of giving back. HUDSON RIVER MILESThe Hudson is measured north from Hudson River Mile 0 at the Battery at the southern tip of Manhattan. Hudson River Boat & Yacht ClubAn organization representing thirty-three boat clubs, on both sides of the Hudson. Officials want a Hudson River service that connects neighborhoods in the city, and could also be expanded to New Jersey down the road if there is significant demand.
The South Brooklyn, Astoria, and Rockaway lines will open in 2017, with boat fares costing the price of a subway trip, at $2.75. NY Waterway has many commuter routes between Manhattan and New Jersey, connecting towns and cities like Weehawken and Hoboken.

We've got the perfect answer with the return of the Great Dome car to the Adirondack service for a six-week run during the heart of leaf peeping season! Amtrak officials declined to give an exact price tag, only saying it would range in the multiple billions of dollars.
Coscia said that can only happen if the Gateway Tunnel project is built first, which would allow Amtrak to take one of the old tunnels out of service without reducing the number of trains it and NJ Transit run. That price tag doesn't include replacing electrical and mechanical systems inside the tunnels.
Three tunnels will remain open between Manhattan and Queens, with one closed for repairs, Gardner said.
When the Yankees brought on Subway Restaurants as the sponsor of the game, the MTA contacted the team to discuss a potential change to their arrangement. Now that a fast rail line has cut the trip to an hour and 40 minutes, he can spend more time selling information-management systems.
All along the trackside are earth movers and excavators clearing land and beginning construction. Overall investment in China’s railway industry will total 3.8 trillion yuan from 2011 to 2015, about 50 percent more than in the last five years, he estimates. He Chuan Road features an array of dusty shops selling tires, noodles and groceries, typical of many provincial cities. He plans to add a chain of branded retail malls over the next three to five years, mostly in second- and third-tier cities along the high-speed rail routes. The China-made CRH380A train set a new domestic train speed record of 416.6 kilometers per hour during a trial run in September, according to state-run Xinhua News. Another line, scheduled for completion in 2014, will cut travel time between Guangzhou and Yunfu, a city of 2.6 million in Guangdong province, to 40 minutes from more than 2 hours.
The link will help them recruit designers and research staff, according to a World Bank case study on the city to be published next year, said Scales.
Shares of China Railway Construction, builder of more than half the nation’s railroads, fell the most in almost two years Oct. The separation of passenger and cargo lines will release seven times the capacity for container transportation, according to Shanghai-based Shenyin & Wanguo Securities Co. It expects to pour 1.5 million cubic meters of concrete for a township near Wuhan spurred by the Guangzhou- Wuhan-Zhengzhou line, said Han. If we can make music that they connect with then there’s purpose to everything," he said. The George Washington Bridge is at HRM 12, the Tappan Zee 28, Bear Mountain 47, Beacon-Newburgh 62, Mid-Hudson 75, Kingston-Rhinecliff 95, Rip Van Winkle 114, and the Federal Dam at Troy, the head of tidewater, at 153. 19, a piece of bench wall fell on to the tracks, requiring emergency repairs and causing delays. That work can't be done a few hours during the overnight or during weekends, which is when tunnel maintenance and repairs currently are done, Gardner said. Just around the corner towers the 200,000-square meter Changsha South Railway Station, its glass curtain walls capped by a 38-meter-high waved roof.
Within a decade all provincial capitals and cities with more than 500,000 citizens will have high-speed links, the Ministry of Railways says.
The market had grown in prominence on Wall Street as railroad barons looked to raise cash to expand into the American West.
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