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There are a number of lamps that were produced especially for the 1964-1965 World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows at the Orange County fairgrounds in Middletown, NY. I saw some of these lamps at an abandoned resort in the Poconos while on a road trip to Ithaca last summer. A friend of mine in North Woodmere happens to not only own one of these lamps buthad it installed in his backyard and it survived hurricane Sandy as did his home and family. This may help you determine how the lights were colored and configured, their placement, what the colors (there are more than a dozen!) are.

I live fairly close to the Orange County Fair Grounds and have been on the property for events a few times and many of the lights are faded after almost 50 years. One of them made it’s way to Lake Anne Country Club on Clove Road in Blooming Grove, NY.
I was at the Hunter Irish festival this year and stayed at the Villa Vosillo which had these lights. Why I stayed there is a different story…but it definitely is a time warp back to 1964-1965.
Some survived into the 70′s at Seaside Heights where the giant Ferris Wheel used to be, in the center of the boardwalk. I think the various pathways and roadways were color-coded on maps, and the colored cubes on the lights were supposed to correspond.

I noticed some of these lamps, and while I recognized them from this website it didn’t occur to me to photograph them until we were miles away (even though we did stop and take pictures of the hotel itself). Shipped to LA, where I now live, restored it, along with a bench from the Chrysler Pavilion.

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