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Snowy weather provides optimal conditions for graffiti artists to get up and lots of them have been using the recent winter storms to do just that. That was the case at the East 180th Street station and train yard for the 2s and 5s in the Bronx last night.
These writers continue a long held tradition of coming to New York and painting a train just for the flick. For the better part of three decades, the debate over subway graffiti has consumed New Yorkers. Just two weeks after famed graffiti artist Iz the Wiz passed away, Transit and the NYPD say that graffiti hits are down by 46 percent this year over 2007. Police patrols and Transit surveillance teams have slashed the number of subway graffiti attacks nearly in half, officials told the Daily News. Over the years, the agency has tried to combat another form of more destructive graffiti — scratchiti, the use of acid to etch glass windows — with less success.
You think this will force them to do something more permanent like scratching the metal exterior?
I like how on the R160s they learned from the window rim scratching on the R143s and put rigid metal there. A staple of Westerns, but still seen in plenty of action films and series, the Traintop Battle is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. A train has plenty of advantages for an action scene: it's fairly enclosed, without people able to go too far either way for fear of falling off, it has plenty of opportunity for tunnels and overhead lines for your Look Behind You moments, it doesn't need much explanation, the high speed acts as wind to let characters billow dramatically. If hero and villain are trying to get to a location in time, it means the hero can be thrown off, and "lose" without dying. It's also close enough to "normal" people to show the look on their faces as the ceiling collapses, or when someone breaks in through the windows. Note that if the track is electrified with overhead wires, climbing on the train roof usually results in immediate electrocution. There's also Ed and Alphonse's fight with the terrorist Bald early on (though the chapter is cut from Brotherhood). The first level of the PS2 game is based on this part of the series with combat both inside and on top of the train.
The first mission in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Striker S involved a battle that started inside a train and ended on top of it. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo has a fight against "the Number-One Train Fighter" that eventually jumped the tracks and smashed through an amusement park. The fight that eventually led to Pissard's death in Futari wa Pretty Cure moved to several locations, one of them being the roof of a train.
The sixth episode of The Daughter of Twenty Faces features a train fight between Chiko and Angie during a snowstorm. In a filler scene of ''Dragon Ball Z', Vegeta and #18 fly towards a highway where they land on top of several trucks and continue to brawl.
The later fight between Zoro and T-Bone deserves honorable mention for taking place directly in front of the moving train. And then topped by Kaiba (oddly enough) when he and a filler villain from the same arc battle on top of a private jet. A Filler episode of Rurouni Kenshin has the Kenshin-gumi ride a train for some reason when bandits take it over. In Soul Eater, Death the Kid gets into a three way battle with one of the various Mizune rat witches and a fat fisherman assassin while on a train that's zooming through the desert.
In Maiden Rose, after Klaus and Azusa jump on top of a train Azusa asks why they will be going in through the last car and fighting their way to the engine room rather then running across the top straight there. An episode of the Best Wishes arc of the Pokemon anime had Meowth pretend to reform and join the main characters, saying that Team Rocket fired him for messing up one of their evil plans, but it is then revealed that he joined them as part of a trap set up inside one of Team Rocket's trains, and that Meowth was never fired at all. In A Certain Magical Index New Testament Volume 8, Touma ends up fighting Freyja on a moving train.
Anarchy Panty of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt battled the speed demon in the episode "Death Race 2010." For a time, the speed demon merged with a tractor-trailer, which compelled Panty to stand on the trailer's roof and shoot the cab with assorted mortal firearms, which had minimal effect. One Golden Age Batman story climaxes in a battle between Batman and The Joker atop a moving train. Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Lost Adventures has "Combustion Man on a Train" where Aang fights "scary big explosion guy", while a little girl and all the other passengers learn to meditate as the train gets destroyed around them. The Twilight Avenger gets involved in a traintop battle with a gang of hypnotised hobos (It Makes Sense in Context) in The Twilight Avenger #3. The majority of the second chapter of Marionettes takes place on a train, so naturally one of these results. In the film version of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, the Final Battle between Lincoln and the movie's Big Bad, Adam, occurs atop a train carrying silver ammunition to the soldiers at Gettysburg.

In Ant-Man, befitting with the size-changing gimmick, part of Ant-Man's battle against Yellowjacket is a toy traintop battle, atop a Bachmann model of Thomas the Tank Engine, no less.
The Charles Bronson movie Breakheart Pass has a couple, set in an 1800's Wild West setting. In Casablanca Express, most of the violence occurs inside the train, but there is one train-top fistfight. In The Cassandra Crossing, this has been expected and rendered impossible by placing guards with submachine guns on the car roofs, not far below a 15,000V overhead catenary.
As the jetliner carrying despot Generalissimo Esperanza and his rogue CIA cronies builds up speed for take-off in Die Hard 2, the hero John McClane and the dragon Major Grant grapple atop the aircraft's left wing. Emperor of the North climaxes with one very brutal train-fight between a determined hobo and a sadistic conductor.
Happens in The Good, the Bad, the Weird, as a result of two Train Jobs happening simultaneously.
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade has Indy getting chased along a line of circus train cars.
Skyfall: A particularly elaborate one between Bond and Patrice that ends up trashing much of the train occurs during The Teaser. While Card-Carrying Villain Kamal Khan attempts to flee with Octopussy in a prop airplane, he sends his dragon Gobinda outside the airborne craft to dispose of Bond, who is clinging to the outer fuselage in a rescue effort. The climax of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome involves Aunty and the inhabitants of Bartertown chasing down a train controlled by Pig Killer and with Max and the children aboard. In the remake of Narrow Margin, set mostly on a train, Gene Hackman and the witness he's protecting are confronted on the roof by a woman he met earlier, who turns out to be a Professional Killer. The film version of Priest (2011) has the Final Battle between the Priest and Black Hat take place on top of, and briefly inside, the train carrying the vampire invasion army to the human cities. Jackie Chan did this in a number of movies, including Shanghai Noon, which has a fight that goes through several different cars, including an open lumber car with tree trunks. The climax of Speed features a fight on top of an out-of-control subway train that ends with the immortal line "Yeah? Spider-Man 2 has an 'R' train fight that happens: on top of the train, on the side of the train, trailing behind the train, and briefly in the train. Spider-Man 3; takes it to another level with Black Spidey and Sandman dishing it out in the subway, with each of them smashing each other into the trains, particularly Spidey sawing off half of Sandman's face by pressing it against the passing train.
The Final Battle in Mad Max: Fury Road involves Max and the Vuvalini fending off and fighting mooks aboard the War Rig, and eventually, fighting Rictus near the end of the battle. The opening scene of Sullivan's Travels is two men fighting on a train to their mutual death.
The climax of The Dresden Files: Death Masks took place on top of a train, and the fights were pretty damn badass for a book. To elaborate, Dresden, a mob boss (equipped with commando gear and an assault rifle), and two Knights of the Cross (one of whom is carrying an AK in addition to his holy sword) chase and then land on the train in the mob boss's helicopter, which happens to be, on Dresden's request, playing "Ride of the Valkyries." All of that to stop a group of demons from unleashing an apocalyptic plague.
The Sherlock Holmes tribute novel The Seven-Percent Solution features a train-top Sword Fight between Holmes and the villain. The Warhammer 40,000: Eisenhorn trilogy features a traintop sword-fight between Eisenhorn and the mercenary captain Clansire Etrik.
It is, however, coated with ice and in the middle of a blizzard, so that may even things out. In The Other Side of Dawn, Ellie jumps onto a goods train from a bridge and ends up fighting an enemy soldier atop the train and inside one of the carriages. Alistair MacLean's Breakheart Pass is set around an American train in indian country in the late 1800's. Fitting of its Western influence, The Alloy of Law includes a gunfight atop a moving train, which continues despite the protagonist being thrown off the top (he uses magic to save himself). ANIMAL was tipped off that at least two trains had been tagged by the likes of SEN, ORUS and SHADE SNAQUE. Click through the gallery to see their handiwork, since it will likely be the only evidence it ever existed.
I've said because of our current leadership, the Bronx, and the city overall is starting to slip back towards a pre-giuliani era. As I explored in April, some feel graffiti is art while others believe graffiti exhibits simply glorify vandalism. The agency also struck a new arrangement with city police: The agency would focus on the far-flung railyards while NYPD squads would target tracks between stations, where some trains are parked overnight.
As part of an effort to deter graffiti, Transit will not put vandalized trains on the tracks until they are clean, and it can take the agency up to three hours to clean the outside of a car. As Donohue reminds us, Transit unveiled a pilot program of scratch-resistant ads late last year.

Those who perpetrate the crime think it a victimless one and will not stop while those fighting it will have to stay one step ahead of artists who have the run of a wide open system. Subway trains rarely have the room on top for a good battle, but are still seen occasionally. May be the result of a Train Job and could in theory be apt for a Thriller on the Express but in practise they prefer to keep to the tense atmosphere.
If the battle happens atop a moving gondola rather than a train, then it's a Cable-Car Action Sequence. The voltage used on electrification systems is high enough to cause an electric arc from the wire to the hapless victim, and it does happen in Real Life.
Kenshin gets knocked overboard, then finds himself a horse that earns the Fan Nickname of "Super Horse" for the improbable jumps that it pulls off. Klaus lampshades the impracticality of this trope, mentioning their footsteps would give away their location and they'd just be target practice.
It leads to scenes like Freyja using her Summon Magic while the train is passing through a tunnel and not caring when Touma knocks her minions into the walls or ceiling. Anarchy Stocking, standing atop the hood of her vehicle See-Through, used her Absurdly Sharp Blade to slice through the entire demonic tractor-trailer.
A punch from Batman sends the Joker off the edge of the train and over a cliff in a No-One Could Survive That moment. It starts inside the train car, but quickly gets taken up top once both take on their battle modes.
The ensuing fight scene takes place on top of Hasselhoff's legs, and is complete with dramatic jumps from one leg to the other. This is at least partially Subverted: They do have a Traintop Battle, but it's on the high-speed TGV.
Also a case of Chicago doubling (as proven here◊) since none of the New York Subway's lines are elevated in Manhattan (except for parts of the 1 train), and there are no subway cars in New York City that have fold-in blinker doors.
Logan and the Yakuza have their work cut out just holding on and are almost flattened by the wind resistance, to say nothing of the low-hanging arches that fly by regularly. However, the train is not moving at the time, which is probably a good thing since it is noted as being able to make a trans-continental crossing in a day. McCammon has the protagonist forced to fight his way from one end to the other of a train in Nazi Germany that has been rebuilt as a rolling death trap while the Egomaniac Hunter stalks him from behind.
With all this knockout game crap, and so on, the streets are becoming even more dangerous again.
No matter the outcome, New York City Transit and the NYPD are hard at work combating these markings.
With increased cooperation and manpower, they have been able to cover more ground and get results, DeMarino said.
According to Donohue’s sources, the MTA spent $350,000 in 2007 and just $125,000 in 2008 to clean up the trains. That program, according to Transit spokesman Paul Fleuranges, is too expensive to implement throughout the MTA’s rolling stock. There's really no other way to justify Boss Arena Idiocy, and it's pretty much ensured that somebody's going to suffer that most dramatic of defeats; a short drop followed by a sudden stop. Whenever SL Man is paired up with Naganegiman, Hamburger Kid, or Yakisobapanman, they'll fight against Baikinman on top of the train cars.
Eventually, Index and Mikoto jump on the train to help Touma out, and the three eventually convince her to surrender peacefully. Ironically, it's not between Trixie and the two Stallions in Black chasing her, but with what seems to be Lightning Dust, with Rainbow Dash showing up midway through to help Trixie. The hilarious part is that unlike the previous example Wallace is an ordinarily-sized human and can only fit on the train by balancing on one foot (the Techno-Trousers helped a little there) while being a small penguin Feathers is able to fit rather comfortably in the locomotive's tender. Dennis is eventually defeated when he hits his head on an overhanging buoy, parodying the death of Dennis Hopper's villain in Speed (see above). This type of law defying behavior happening just puts us one step closer towards an era that was not the safest. This is the one that ends with Weevil pissing Yami off so much that he keeps attacking even after Weevil's life points hit zero.

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