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New York City is still a long way off from full recovery post-Hurricane Sandy, but at least some of our subway lines will be running today.
Sound schemes other than the default Steam (CV60=0) or Diesel (CV60=1) schemes may be loaded by using a Digitrax PR2 Sound FX Programmer.
Bragdon gray (along with some extra touches of black over the door openings - y'know, diesel exhaust).
Although this engine was sold with O27 Gauge sets, it will run equally well on the larger radius curves of O Gauge track.
The Thomas name and character and the Thomas & Friends logo are trademarks of Gullane (Thomas) Limited and its affiliates and are registered in many jurisdictions throughout the world.
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Click through for a separate page of photographs of the construction of the 4th Avenue Subway. 7 Downtown Disney Hotels Offering New Military Discount…Great Deal to Pair With US Military Disney Ticket Promotion…Details Inside!
In 1947, my dad built a spectacular O scale model train layout for me to enjoy at Christmas (shown at right - to see larger photo, click here). Fully assembled, 9" diameter turntable has the ability to stop at 21 positions, 15 degrees apart.
Cut them up into 4 little bits (and remove the center part) and they make great little  risers that look like insulators and hold the rail to your track when glued down.
Add more variety to your double-stack trains, intermodal scenes and highways with these high-cube corrugated containers.

I was trying to take a photo of my HO scale collection, but the light failed on me and the only photo the turned out was the one of the police, cyclists and motorcyclists. The mobile app allows users to choose the design that best fits their needs to traverse the subway system, whether they prefer a map that is focused geographically, schematically, by neighborhood or by landmark. 53 years later, in 2000, I built a three-level model train layout for my grandson to enjoy at Christmas.

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