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In a drastic change of plans, today Metro-North has announced that the M-8 railcars will not be debuting on the New Haven Line. My name is Emily, though I am known by many who ride the train simply as Cat Girl, for the hats I customarily wear during the winter time. Usage of I Ride the Harlem Line photographs or text on any other site, or in any other media without permission is EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN. This site is not endorsed nor affiliated in any way with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority or Metro-North Railroad.
The new cars, made by the Kawasaki company, have been arriving a few at a time from Japan ever since December.

A factory in Lincoln, Nebraska will be constructing the remainder of the cars ordered, and these will be used on the New Haven Line.
That is certainly good news, I won’t even have to go over to the New Haven Line for a chance to ride them! I am a graphic designer, a Metro North train rider, and a person that has always been interested in history. They were to go into testing on the New Haven Line shortly, and hopefully launched by winter of this year, replacing the aging M-2 cars currently in use there. The New Haven Line is our least favorite of the major lines anyways – of course in front of the Pascack Valley and Port Jervis Lines.

For the past 6 years I've been a regular commuter, though I've been a Harlem Line rider all my life. This site is a collection of my usually train-related thoughts, observations, photographs, and travels, as well as my never-ending hunt for intriguing historical artifacts.

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