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Are you confused by the actual operation of the machines, or by how you select how many trips to buy? DC Metrorail fares vary by distance and time of day; there is no such thing as a "single trip" or "multiple trip" farecard. When you tap your card onto the pad in front, it will ask you how much value you want to add, with a default of $20. The 1996 Washington Post guide offers a screen-by-screen guide, but it predates SmarTrip, the elimination of paper farecards, and almost two decades' of changes to the fare and pass structure.
The simplest option is to choose the farecard option here: that gives you a ticket with X dollars on it (which you specify in the next step).
You can use the listed fares to figure out how much your trip will cost, or you can use the online trip planner ahead of time. Once you've decided how much you want to put on your farecard, use the up and down arrows to choose the dollar and cent amount you want.
Once you've chosen what you want to purchase, you have to pay for it- either trade in old cards, or insert cash, or swipe your credit card. There is a helpful site from Washington DC Metropolitan Transit Authority dealing specifically with the subject at hand.
When you arrive at the kiosk, wave your SmartTrip card across the white circular reader on the kiosk.
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How is the derivative truly, literally the "best linear approximation" near a point? Claims of mathematical breakthroughs while in an altered state of consciousness in general? OverviewThe Mack 'B' was first produced in 1949 and remained in production until 1966 when it was replaced by the Model 'R'.
It was a wonderful 3 days in the capital only spoilt by our utter and total confusion for the metro ticket machines. Can someone please explain or provide a step by step guide on how to purchase tickets from this machine? If the latter, would telling you that Metro farecards are loaded with a certain amount of money rather than a certain number of trips (since Metro fares differ based on distance) help?
Aside from the addition of a swipe card reader and of the SmarTrip pad over the years, the user interface of WMATA's farecard vending machines is definitely atrocious, especially for a city and system that sees such a large number of tourists. Whether using the WMATA SmarTrip card, Baltimore Charm Card, or a paper farecard, you're simply adding cash value to the card, which gets deducted electronically when you exit the platform at your destination. Also, the machines really work pretty well for the main target, which is people living in the region (Metro was built largely for commuters); things like defaulting to $20 and manually inputting the amount to add make a lot more sense if your card is intended for long-term use. You use that ticket when entering and exiting a station, and the cost of that trip is deducted from your farecard. I usually just put 10 bucks on it (you can trade in old farecards the next time you buy a new one). When the screen shows the correct amount, press the "done" button (I think it's the C button), and proceed to step two.

Passes give you unlimited trips, so if you'll spend more than $14.50 on farecards, you should probably choose a pass instead. Both series of trucks enjoyed a long service life with many of the 'R' models still in service today. Its especially helpful for getting around to all the tourist spots downtown, as there are metro stops walking distance from most major attractions. The situation has been made even worse because of the addition of the $1 surcharge for paper farecards (and the deeply unpopular experiment with "peak of the peak" surcharges). Don't think of the farecard as holding a certain number of trips, as it would for instance in the New York City Subway. If you only want to add $5 to the card, press the down buttons until the value on the display reads $5. During their long lives both types of Mack trucks were converted for a number of tasks including two and three axle tractors, tow trucks and construction trucks. If, on the other hand, you want to add $50, press the up buttons until the display reads $50. Toshiba delivers drive and control systems to Kawasaki, who then assembles the rail cars for WMATA.Westermo is a world leader in network equipment for railway rolling stock.
The company has enjoyed spectacular success in the North American railway market, entering there in 2010.

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