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Choose your departure and arrival train stations from the drop-down menus below and click on the "Show Weekly Schedules" button. The TGV is the cornerstone of the European high-speed rail network connecting France to London, Brussels, Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Torino, Milan, and more safely, quickly and comfortably. Enjoy the convenience of the first and second class accommodations provided by the TGV trains!
Because a train is a communal mode of transport, TGVs offer you some new, more private areas for your convenience. Buy a European Train ticket in your country and pick it up at a French train station 10 minutes before departure.

You'll see the train timetable for a typical week along with facilities available on the train. You can also make yourself thoroughly at home with an enjoyable lunch or dinner, thanks to a great new onboard restaurant. Finally, the snack cart and drinks and snack vending machines are there when you need a little something to keep you going!
Get a chance to see the Drivers in the cab, a great way to experience a historic train ride. You can then find a tariff for your train trip and make reservations from around the world.

You'll see a typical weekly schedule for the itinerary you chose and information about the train station as well as Tourist Office information if you need further travel information. Holding the world speed record at 320 mph, the TGV wastes no time in getting you to your destination, such as Paris to Bordeaux in only 3 hours. Hop on to the Metro or the RER (Express Regional Network) for fast carefree transport anywhere in and around Paris.

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