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Apple dropped support for Google’s mapping database in late 2012 and released its in-house Maps app with iOS 6. Looking forward, Cue, Federighi, and Gautier have been leading teams of Apple engineers since Forstall’s departure in order to make amends to the Maps app’s data and interface so it is more reliable.
But while the interface for Maps was redesigned last year, Apple’s focus for 2014 is under-the-hood changes. In addition to the mapping data changes, Apple will add one of the most important mobile features to Maps this year: public transit directions. Transit directions allow a person to use an iPhone to travel from one destination to another via public transportation. Transit directions will be embedded into Maps as both an option in the classic Directions panel and as a new mapping view. When a user chooses to receive transit directions in the iOS 8 Maps app, a translucent panel slides up from the bottom of the Maps app with a list of different routes, according to the sources briefed on the application.
Users will be able to choose to receive transit directions to depart immediately or input a date and time for their travel and receive directions for use at that later time, according to the sources. Apple’s plans to improve mapping data and add transit functionality are just the pipeline for 2014.
No clue, where you live, but map data for Vienna (Austria’s capitol) is compete and utter crap. From the spelling of his name I do suspect that he is from Czech Republic or eventually Slovakia. It may be mostly accurate in the US but where I live there are some major new State Routes that are still missing and I have used the app to report the omission. The ability to search by context and the amount of data they are able to pull from is amazing.
I am aware this is an ios forum, but take 5 minutes and watch some Youtube videos to see what I am going on about. I think Apple maps will continue to be useable in the USA, especially for car drivers in California, and the rest of the data will be absolute shite for many years to come. Apple has proven time and time again that they are a great company for developing software and hardware. I also have submitted dozens of corrections to Apple regarding Maps in my area over the last two years (most minor but a couple were rather big mistakes like a road going through a plaza), and like others here, I have not seen a single submitted correction appear in Maps. It would also be nice if the labels for the streets and locations were large enough to be actually readable on the phone too.
When my Mum found out that no matter how much you zoom in, they stay the same tiny, unreadable size (6pt?
Some of you who drive everywhere won’t see the problem of course, but walking, biking, and transit directions are all quintessentially different from car directions and all are much harder to do. Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more!
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You can also view multiple searches and directions at the same time layered on top of each other or use tabs to switch between views.User Interface ImprovementsMany menu locations have been enhanced to improve wayfinding and usability, for instance navigation is now positioned at the top on desktop (instead of the side) and at the bottom on phone (instead of the top) as a direct result of how people use the Maps app differently on different types of devices.
While the new application added extravagant three-dimensional imagery and a smoother interface, the software was riddled with bugs, unreliable data, and lacked many of the critical mobile mapping features found in the Google Maps app.
Last year with iOS 7, Apple re-architected the app’s interface to fit the bright, translucent style of Jony Ive’s take on mobile operating system design.
The new application will also be injected with new points of interests and new labels to make places such as airports, parks, train stations, bus stops, highways, and freeways easier to find, the sources added.
Late last year, sources said that Apple had been planning to release transit support in iOS 8, and now the same sources are indicating that the plan is on track to be executed.
Each route uses icons to notate the method of transportation (for example, a bus or train). Apple will also allow users to set transit directions as the default method of transportation (as opposed to walking or driving) so that frequent users of public transit can more quickly find directions to their destinations. Apple is also working on unique ways for integrating indoor mapping views and enhanced car integration for future versions of iOS. Since the release of Apple’s Maps App i have submitted misspelled and closed locations over and over again. It really depends what you wanna do with them – I mostly enter adresses to find my way by foot. Apple has access to millions of onsite people wanting to improve their maps, but they seemingly pay no attention to those millions. This is why it was so smart for Google to separate their apps from their core OS update schedule.
Although its early reliability wasn't great, Apple has done a lot to bring the service up to speed, making it a pretty solid option now for use as your go-to mobile map.
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For the phone, this directly improves the experience when using your device with one hand, especially when getting directions or opening your favorites with a single tap.LabelsMicrosoft added labels for your search results directly on the map instead of referencing numbers on the search list.
Scott Forstall, the long time confidant of the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, was in charge of the Apple mapping effort and was ousted for declining to apologize for the product’s shortcomings. Sources also say that the mapping application’s cartography design has been tweaked to be slightly cleaner and to make streets more visible.
Using data acquired via acquisitions and various partnerships, transit will be deeply integrated into the new maps application.
The functionality will exist in major cities, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York, and will expand to other locations across the United States and potentially other countries across the world around the public launch of iOS 8. In the viewing options menu, a way to clearly view train stations, airports, and bus stops will be an option alongside the Standard, Hybrid, and Satellite views. The left side of the route choice panels share the departure and arrival times, and the right side notes the travel time. Sources say that Apple has also begun work on augmented reality functionality that leverages the iPhone’s compass hardware to visually see nearby points of interest.

On the countryside I often use the routing as well and to my surprise it hasn’t failed me so far.
That is not a good thing, and until they start paying attention and communicating with the users of their service it will never get truly better. Here’s hoping that iOS 8 will be an actual updated OS and not just surface level app updates. As with most of Apple's software it has good design, smooth performance, and relative ease of use, as well as Siri integration. Soon after Forstall, iOS engineering executive Richard Williamson was pushed out of Apple for his involvement in the app’s development. While Apple will now have its own transit functionality, the Maps application will still be able to point users to App Store apps for additional transit-infused software. The transit view is said to split the screen between the routes list and the map so that users can also visually see the provided routes. Users will also be able to use the standard iOS sharing functionality to email their route or share it via social networks. Given how long it is taking to get the data up-to-date I’m not sure I will trust it even then. The thing everybody seems to forget is that Google Maps sucked just as bad only two, three years ago (and they are still inaccurate in some places). Apple is likely also working on an updated version of its Maps app for OS X that adds the improved data. Given that most people don’t replace the built-in maps app Apple is going to collect massive amounts of data, which will further improve the service. It's a built-in feature of Maps, but that functionality might not be obvious unless you know where to look. In addition to the new mapping software, iOS 8 is planned to include an application called Healthbook to manage user fitness activity and health information. When you search for or touch a specific location in apps and select the navigation option (by touching the car icon) you'll see three options across the top: Drive, Walk, or Apps. When you click that last option, Apps, you're offered the chance to see your route in an alternative app, and you'll also be presented with several options from the App Store. Click the Apps button in the upper right to get the option to access public transit info from third-party applications.When you select an app in this manner, your starting and destination points should transfer over (so you won't have to enter that info over again), serving as a workaround to get public transit directions through apps such as Google Maps, Transit, Here, or other options. This feature also works great when you want more info than Apple Maps provides - it works especially well with Google Maps (which tends to have generally the most accurate directions and a lot of extra details that still aren't found inside of Apple Maps) and Waze, which provides a cartoonish interface that works well for navigating through traffic and keeping tabs on your friends.
Apps like Google Maps and Here can provide additional info that Apple Maps doesn't.Though it's not as nice as built-in public transit info, the apps-inside-the-app feature is a convenient workaround for now.
Even after iOS 9 hits, Apple's transit pledge may not make its way to your specific city right away, so this procedure could still be a useful option for many months to come.

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