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Discover dozens of historical photos of turn-of-the-century NYC transportation modes, including horse and cart images, early subway and streetcar images, and photos of famous ocean liners as well aerial photos of blimps and bombers over the Manhattan skyline. In this black and white photograph, taken around 1910, we see the entire company of Engine 72, located at 22 East 12th Street, at the site of what is now Cinema Village.
The George Washington Bridge was dedicated on October 24, 1931 and opened to traffic the following day, the date of this black and white photograph. Sure, you could get to the beach by subway, but on this day at the end of July in 1914, you could take the Ferry from Lower Manhattan to Coney Island or Rockaway Beach. In this black and white photograph from 1922, we see Pennsylvania Station from the corner of 7th Avenue and W.
Looking East from East 59th Street and Second Avenue across the Queensboro Bridge on this day in 1920, one sees an Elevated Train car, a few trucks and motor cars, and a few pedestrians. New York City, above others, has defined itself through an evolving scholarship connected to its rapidly changing street life.
Such programs, spearheaded in part by the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT), among its partner organizations, work to provide opportunities for temporary and permanent works of urban art.
Over time, the visual impact of these three programs has created hundreds of urban art projects all over New York City. Could there be any room for improving ways in which the DOT or other cities create new opportunities for artists?
Geoff Bliss grew up in Woodstock, New York and will soon graduate from the Master of Community Planning program at the University of Cincinnati with a focus in Physical Planning.

Since 2010, The Global Grid has offered localized and unique architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, urban planning and related news every weekday.The Global Grid uniquely publishes news specific to the town or city in which the author resides or is traveling. Now there's not a tree to be found at this intersection, but two years after the end of the Civil War there were plenty. Manhattan Engine 72 was organized and disbanded several times between July 1, 1900 and May 1, 1918, when it was permanently disbanded.
Here we see Governor of New York State, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, crossing the bridge with his motorcade.
The Iron Steamboat Company operated summer ferry service to a number of seaside locations until the close of the season in 1932. The Twenties were still Roaring, with the stock market crash still 8 months away, and these New Yorkers were going about their business, hustling along the snowless streets, on foot, in cars, or on streetcars, or riding above it all on the open air trains of the Third Avenue Elevated.
This broad conception of street life has been widely debated and discussed from the standpoint of urban theorists and activists such as Jane Jacobs and William H.
While differences between these works vary greatly depending upon size, medium and intention, their impact upon the daily commute of public transit riders, pedestrians and tourists has steadily increased the interest in public art and how it can connect people with places. How would Jacobs and Whyte view the way in which New York City is engaging with artists today? With a 150+ writer alumni, The Global Grid continues to grow as a destination for local environmental design news and perspectives. Here we can see several several horses and carriages, a few pedestrians, a pair of young boys, a few street lamps, and a wrought iron fence surrounding a large house.

The span between its two towers, the main span, is over 3500 ft., making the GWB the longest main span bridge in the world at the time of this picture. In 1914, you could get a ride to Steeplechase Pier and spend the day at the amusement park or the beach. Elsewhere in the world, Benito Mussolini and the Pope's representative were signing the Lateran Pact, giving the Vatican autonomy from Italy, and former Brooklynite and Bowery Boy Al Capone was planning the St. The Metropolitan Life Tower lives up to its name, towering over the remainder of the skyline, including the not-so-tall Flatiron building, which cuts like the prow of a ship through the confluence of Fifth Avenue and Broadway.
Whyte, whose respective works, The Death and Life of American Cities and Social Life of Small Urban Spaces, would usher in a new wave of ideas concerning the way in which citizens view their relationship to cities & urban neighborhoods. There are also many upcoming discussions to learn more about new projects being created by New York City artists and arts organizations. This monument to transportation, architected by the firm of McKim, Mead & White, would be torn down in 1963. But this conception of urban street life has, over time, become increasingly supported by structured programs designed to enable artists to contribute to urban planning, landscape design, and placemaking.

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