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The luxury condo stands at 1,396 feet, slightly taller than One World Trade Center, which is 1,362 feet tall (not including its spire, which brings its official height to 1,776 feet).
The views from the residences, some of the highest homes in the world, are truly astounding.
Developers CIM Group and Macklowe Properties shared these incredible photos, snapped from the top of 432 Park.
Not the tallest building in the hemisphere (the Willis Tower is 1451 feet, not including the antenna), but an exciting addition to the skyline.
I absolutely love the way the interior designer has embraced all the classic iconic pieces creating a timeless interior! IT WILL BE A FINE ADDITION TO THE GREATEST SKYLINE IN THE WORLD PEOPLE ARE SAYING NOW THAT HONG KONG HAS THE THE GREATEST SKYLINE IN THE WORLD> NOT SO NYC SKYLINE IS COMING BACK. Can’t you see Mondrian, van der Rohe, and Agnes Martin all applauding, serenely, from the beyond.

It manages to be minimal and substantial at the same time, and becomes a monument to the grid on which it sits and which inspires its song of glass and stone.
At 1,396 ft, 432 Park Avenue, located between 56th and 57th street is the tallest residential building in New York as well as the entire Western Hemisphere. On the official website you can explore the 360 views starting from 558 ft and moving upwards to the jaw-dropping view from 1,271 ft. One World Trade is off in the distance.Richard Berenholtz432 Park has already altered the New York City skyline. And I live in DC, so of course I would be over stimulated just by the shear size of New York’s buildings alone, but this building is going to be heaven if you get the top floor. The tower is a sophisticated move against the towers of fashion and trend seen in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The arrogant response of the XXI Century to the desperate humility of the sumptuous Escorial.

And an homage to the spirit of our fair city by a great architect at the height of its subtle powers. Units aren’t cheap, starting around $7 million, with a top floor penthouses selling for $95 million. You can also check out more pictures of the interior and learn more about the 30,000 square feet of private amenities. It looks like the very basaltic soul of Manhattan has risen, in search of its of its buildings lost, and erected, in loving memory, an obelisk dreaming parallelepipedal dreams.
And they don't disappoint.Copyright CIM Group & Macklowe PropertiesDesigner Deborah Berke took a geometric approach.

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