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A bus route connecting major tourist attractions in downtown Ho Chi Minh City will be launched on September 15 by Ho Chi Minh City Transport Department.
Bus, numbered at 127, will depart from Ben Thanh Bus Station, opposite to Ben Thanh Market and September 23 Park. Women on bicycles make their way along a section of the newly built Ho Chi Minh highway April 24, 2005, near Vinh, Vietnam.
The trail, which played an important role in the Vietnam War, has been added to itineraries of the country's booming tourist industry. Many sections of the old trail, actually a 9,940-mile web of tracks, roads and waterways, have been reclaimed by tropical growth.
The highway, more than 745 miles of which are already open to traffic, begins at the gates of Hanoi, the capital, and ends at the doorsteps of Ho Chi Minh City, which was known as Saigon when it was the former capital of South Vietnam. With teams using more than 100 unique apparatuses to launch globular projectiles a half-mile or more, the 27th annual World Championship Punkin Chunkin event is our pick as November’s Weird Festival of the Month. In between, the route passes battlefields like Khe Sanh and the Ia Drang Valley, skirts tribal villages of the rugged Central Highlands and offers easy access to some of the country's top attractions - the ancient royal seat of Hue, the picturesque trading port of Hoi An and South China Sea beaches. We began a recent car journey in the newly rebuilt city of Vinh, along one of the trail's main branches.
Nearby, in the rice-farming village of Kim Lien, is the humble hut where Vietnam's revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh was born and a museum dedicated to his turbulent life.
It was on one of Ho's birthdays, on May 9, 1959, that construction of the trail began with the establishment of Military Transport Division 559, made up of 440 young men and women. At Dong Loc, 18 miles south of Vinh, we stopped at one of many memorials to the thousands who didn't complete that hike - a hillside shrine with the tombs of 10 women, aged 17 to 24, killed in bombing raids.
Farther down the trail, at the Highway 9 National Cemetery, bemedaled veteran Nguyen Kim Tien searched for fallen comrades among the 10,000 headstones.

Although it's still a trail of tears three decades after the guns fell silent, Ho's road looks decidedly to the future.
The government says the highway will stimulate the economy in some of Vietnam's poorest, most remote regions, relieve congestion on the only other north-south road, National Highway 1, and increase tourism revenue. However, the highway has sparked domestic and international criticism that it will lead to further decimation of Vietnam's already disappearing forests, attract a flood of migrants into ethnic minority regions from the crowded coast and disturb wildlife at several protected areas. At some places like the A Shau valley town of A Luoi, just a few shacks and farm houses when seen five years ago, a mini-boom is clearly afoot. From the highway, which expands to four lanes as it runs through the crossroads town, Dong Ap Bia looms in the hazy distance. You will not only enjoy special group discounts but also customised options that is best for group travel. Stops are located near significant attractions, such as Reunification Palace on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Saigon Zoo, Botanical Garden and several museums in the downtown area. Today, you speed along the same route at 60 mph, past peaceful hamlets and stunning mountain scenery. Promoters cash in on its history, landmarks and the novelty of being able to motor, bike or even walk down the length of the country in the footsteps of bygone communist guerrillas. But a main artery has now become the Ho Chi Minh National Highway, probably the country's best and the largest public works project since Vietnam War ended 30 years ago. Given Ho's standing as a national icon, the village draws an average of 1.5 million domestic visitors and a smattering of foreigners each year.
Over the next 16 years, the trail, which also wound through neighboring Laos and Cambodia, carried more than a million North Vietnamese soldiers and vast quantities of supplies to battlefields in South Vietnam despite ferocious American air strikes. Joss sticks, flowers and the articles of female youth - pink combs and little round mirrors - lay on each of the last resting places.

It's important in educating the young about the sacrifices of the old generation," said Dau Van Coi, secretary of the local youth union guiding visitors to what was once a major trail junction. An elderly woman and her daughter wept before three of them - those of the older woman's father, husband and a close relative. Now we cut through the Truong Son jungles for national industrialization and modernization," said former Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet when the 10-year project began in 2000. Besides conventional tours, several companies offer mountain biking along sections of the trail and expeditions on Russian-made Minsk motorcycles out of the 1950s. In central Vietnam, one drives for long stretches meeting just the occasional Soviet-era truck, decrepit tractor or water buffalo-drawn cart as the highway winds through valleys flanked by spectacular limestone cliffs.
There's a bustling market selling baskets of fruit, Japanese watches and delicious French bread, and newly built houses abound. American soldiers called it Hamburger Hill because of the number of lives ground up in the 1969 battle on its ridges. Only the old people can point out the helicopter landing field, now a school playground with a decrepit merry-go round featuring three little airplanes. A typical trip lasts eight to 10 days, beginning in Mai Chau and ending in Hoi An, with departures from Danang.

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