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Triang TT Gauge 4 x Steam Outline Locomotives: T91 Windsor Castle BR 4082, T90 0-6-0 BR 47603 Tank Locomotive, black, both Excellent, boxes Good to Good Plus, Merchant Navy Class Locomotive Clan Line, Fair, lacking front bogie, appears to have been overpainted and cleaned off, and 0-6-0 BR 47607 Tank Locomotive, black, Excellent. Triang TT Gauge a collection of 20 x assorted Goods Wagons including Shell Lubricating Oil Tank, 16-ton Brake, Shell BP Tank (black), Cattle Wagon, SNCF Guards Van, United Dairies Tank Wagon, Bulk Ore Hopper, Salt Wagon, BR Horsebox and others, generally Excellent, boxes Good.

Triang TT Gauge a collection of 21 x Goods Wagons including 2 x ICI Bogie Tanks, red, Murgatroyd's Liquid Chlorine Bogie Tank, 2 x Bogie Bolster, 1 x Bogie Well Wagon, 3 x Bulk Ore, BR(S) Utility Wagon and others, generally Excellent, boxes Good, together with 2 x unboxed examples. Triang TT Gauge 3 x Diesel Outline Locomotives: T96 and A1A-A1A BR D5501, green, T95 0-6-0 Diesel Shunter D3117, green, both Excellent, boxes Good, an unboxed 0-6-0 Diesel Shunter, Fair to Good, together with a collection of assorted boxed Accessories including T106 track foundations, T105 front line piers, T110 3-set high level piers and girder bridge supports, RT47 lever frame connection and others including platform sections and 3 x catalogues, generally Excellent, contents of accessories unchecked. Triang TT Gauge a collection of assorted Accessories including T32 Island Platform set, Excellent, box Fair to Good, T28 Engine Shed, T25 Booking Hall (all boxed), girder bridge, another booking hall and other loose items including a Dundee signal box, also included in this lot is a quantity of TT Gauge track, on brown plastic.

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