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Based on a children's animated TV-series, the MASK Electric Train and Action Play Set, No.7410, was seen in the mid-'80s. Switcher is toughened up with a few laser cannons or a satellite dish receiver and you've got a modern piece of machinery! This is the final year to find TYCO's SD24, Diesel Switcher, GG1, E7, and Trolley among the diesel locomotives. This train set offering had many extras and was one of the most well-appointed in the line.

Mehano run them again as they are also found in IHC boxes after TYCO departs the train market after 1993. TYCO's Center Street series of TYCOKITS remains with its eight offerings from the year prior. Il a meme de celebres passagers a l'echelle D'une finesse incroyable, tous les details sont la (cablages, numeros de wagons, sieges, portes soufflets, plaques avec diverses inscriptions techniques), il est magnifique.Un de ces jours, quand j'aurai assez de place je lui ferai un petit circuit, mais c'est difficile de trouver des elements a l'echelle N, on ne trouve presque que du HO dans les boutiques classiques. De plus je ne m'y connais pas du tout dans ce domaine, il faudra que je me documente sur ce qu'il faut pour un petit circuit sympa.

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