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TYCO's Spirit of '76 Century 430 includes the same paint scheme and differs only in its seal. Not content with its two Alco diesel dressed for bicentennial service, TYCO also made the F-9A available in Spirit of '76. The Spirit of '76 F-9s were available as Twin F-9 Diesels (No.248-35) in the 1975-76 catalog.

Walt, I do appreciate that offer, but with the RI shell I mentioned, it's more a matter of giving the car back its dignity than a desire to collect, if that makes any sense.
Railroad's early diesel paint was dubbed The Midnight Special for TYCO's 50th Anniversary in 1976. The set included TYCO's Operating Crossing Gate, a 36" x 45" oval of track, and a power pack.

By 1976, TYCO had three diesel locomotives, a steam engine, passenger cars, freight cars, and a caboose available.

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