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The Quakers and other Caucasians were active in the abolition movement and with the Underground Railroad. About Curtis BunnCurtis Bunn is national award-winning sports journalist and best-selling novelist who has covered and written about sports' largest events and personalities for more than three decades at The Washington Times, NY Newsday, The New York Daily News and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Filmmaker Laurent Goldstein is passionate about the music of Magma, and finds it a sad state of affairs that there's never been a full length documentary about this band that invented a style all of its own. In anticipation of their forthcoming album Prog Noir, Stick Men are embarking on a series of live performances in North America, covering the eastern and central parts of the continent in April and May. Moraine is a new Seattle-based five-piece led by guitarist Dennis Rea (please refer to our feature on Mr.

If you ever wondered what Rush might have sounded like with a female vocalist, wonder no more.
Young composer Remy Stroomer from the Netherlands admires Klaus Schulze and that can be heard in a€?Following Differences,a€? the first track. However, it was predominantly run by free Black people from the North, especially in its earliest years. Share this empowering narrative on your social network of choice and ask others to do the same. George Martin is best known as the producer who took a chance on a young band called The Beatles and helped shape them into one of the most influential bands in the history of rock music.

William Still from Philadelphia was at the forefront of the movement, with Harriet Tubman, Levi Coffin, Thomas Garrett, Calvin Fairbank and Charles Torrey. Still rescued 649 fugitives sheltered in Philadelphia, including 16 who arrived on one day alone, June 1, 1855, according to historian David Blight.

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