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Back in 1960, systems were primarily made up of mainframe computers, and were typically owned by fairly large companies and government institutions. The network model which was created to enable users to exchange data between computer systems over a wide area network (WAN) is the Department of Defense (DoD) network model.
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) defines the common standards or specifications to implement network technology. As the size of networks grew, it became more necessary to develop a standard method to control access to the shared media in order for communication to occur in a sequential manner. The Network Interface Card (NIC) uses hardware and software to connect a device to the network media. The internetworking or Internet layer of the DoD model handles the packaging, addressing, and routing of data.
The Host to Host, or transport layer of the DoD model manages the transportation of data, and establishes the connection between hosts to exchange already formatted data. The Application layer of the DoD model is associated with the Session layer, Presentation layer, and Application layer of the OSI model. For smaller up and coming studios, the hybrid model — studios with a foot in the commercial, gaming and feature film pools who create their own content as well as produce content for other studios — serves as an excellent alternative route into the world of animation.
Executive producer of Tricon Kids Frank Saperstein moderated a panel of hybrid studio executives at the World Animation and VFX Summit and focused on the ways their studios are not only helping to craft content for other studios, but also working to create their own original intellectual properties (IPs).
One of the challenges of the hybrid studio is deciding on a focus that can lead to an achievable goal. Reel FX, based in Dallas, TX and Santa Monica, CA, leveraged 20 years of experience creating visual effects and animated commercials for other studios and organizations as a testing ground towards creating their own properties. Peil noticed that many studios abandon the hybrid model once they begin creating their own original feature films, and noted that Reel FX does not plan to take that course of action. Reel FX used the commercial work not only to generate revenue but to hone their technological and storytelling skills. Like Reel FX, ZAG and Bento Box, Prana’s next move is to create a compelling, original property, something that Fyzee admits is no easy task. ZAG Entertainment’s ultimate goal is to create properties on the level of Pixar, DreamWorks, Blue Sky and Reel FX. The key, says Peil, is for a company to find a niche that elevates the entire corporation and to focus on the long term. To that end, promoting an IP serves as a major step in ensuring the film or TV series makes an impact with the public and that the company can continue to create original content for decades to come.

No matter what technology, pipeline or marketing is used however, none of it matters without great content. In this lesson you will learn more about the box model, and how to work with it when applying styles to content using CSS. The size of each of the layers in the box model can be specified using the usual CSS units of measure (em, %, and px). You can specify one value for padding, border, or margin (for example, padding:5px), and that value will apply to all sides of the box.
Alternatively, you specify a unique value for each side, such as padding-left, border-right, and margin-right.
Because mainframe computers run different proprietary software, and due to mainframes not being able to communicate between each other, special code (interface) had to be defined so that one mainframe could interrelate with a another mainframe. The model is also referred to as the Defense's Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) model. With reference to the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model of the International Organization of Standardization, the Network Interface layer of the DoD model is associated with its Layer 1 (Physical) and Layer 2 (Data-Link) capabilities. The driver, a software program, operates between the physical hardware and the operating system.
For instance, the IEEE 802 specification defines the standards for the networking technologies which function at the Physical layer and Data-link layer.
The Media Access Control (MAC) method performs the function of controlling and allocating access to the medium between network computers and devices.
With TCP, the application which sends the data receives acknowledgement or verification that the data was actually received. All of the companies represented on the panel realized that the path to ultimately creating their own IPs would be forged by first creating content such as commercials and television shows for other studios, and gradually working to create their own shows and feature films. The results enabled them to create their first two feature films, The Book of Life and Free Birds, and to advertise them on their own terms. They’ve been fortunate, says Wolfson, to be able to focus their attention on their own IPs, most notably Miraculous, which debuts in the US in December.
Kuwahara and the team at Bento Box, with offices in North Hollywood, CA and Atlanta, GA, sought ways to promote Bob’s Burgers in order to reach the super fans.
Consider some of the HTML elements we've used so far: body, p, h1, h2, div, ul, ol, li, table, th, td.
Particularly explore the Border and Outline Properties, Margin Properties, and Padding Properties.

Permission is granted to use these materials in whole or in part for educational, noncommercial purposes provided the source is acknowledged.
When an operating system changed between the two mainframes that were exchanging data, the interface had to be rewritten so that the two mainframes could communicate once more. When compared to the OSI model, the DoD model's Network Interface layer provides almost the same abilities.
The various MAC protocols available for the many different communication technologies perform media access control.
The Internet layer was initially defined to enable two computers to establish a connection to exchange data. The Host to Host layer is responsible for establishing communication channels between the Application layer and the lower layers.
Prana accomplished this task by partnering with Disney to animate the Tinkerbell and Planes franchises. These are all properties that you can experiment with when working with your web portfolio in the next lesson. This product was created with support from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research of the U.S. This is due to the protocols operating at the Network and Transport layers to make it possible for computers to communicate.
The Internet layer formed the basis for internetworking or communication over the Internet. Note that each of the properties in the Reference tables includes a CSS version number, 1, 2, or 3. The widely used Ethernet NIC utilizes Category 5 or greater unshielded twisted pair cable with pin connections. After the Network Interface layer receives data and translates it to signals on the physical medium, the Internet layer defines packaging, addressing, and routing of the data. CSS 3 is the latest version of CSS, and has some of the coolest features, but these won't work in older browsers (in fact, some CSS3 properties won't work in newer browsers either) but you can still play with them.
An Ethernet NIC receives, assembles, disassembles, and sends data over the network connection.

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