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Fleischmann is a German company and these were made at a time, after World War II when Germany was divided into 4 zones, controlled by the occupying powers: United States, France, Great Britain and Soviet Russia. ExpertiseI CAN NOT DIAGNOSE equipment problems or ESTIMATE DOLLAR VALUES of your equipment, by email. Comes with a number of consumer applied detail parts such as individually molded windshield wipers, MU hoses, and grab irons. In 1994, GE delivered the first AC4400CW locomotive, their answer to EMD's successful SD70MAC. Locomotives feature directional Golden White LED headlights and illuminated preprinted numberboards. Handrails will be made from a special polyacetal resin material that prevents warping while giving them both strength and flexibility.

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Like its sister locomotive, the GE C44-9W, the AC4400CW is a 4400 horsepower freight diesel locomotive, with more than 2,500 units being produced for use in North America over the course of its 10 year production cycle. The design allows for the easy installation of a 1.1" (28mm) diameter speaker in the fuel tank, allowing simple installation of DCC sound decoders.
Features: Operating headlight, 8-wheel drive, Die cast chassis, Detailed pilots with footboards, Dynamic brakes, and MUCH MORE! The power and reliability of its AC traction motors ensured that the AC4400CW enjoyed great popularity among the class 1 railroads, finding use all across North America, from east to west, and from Canada all the way to Mexico. Furthermore, Cab type, Inverter Cabinet, Number Board type and location, and Fuel Tank are correct for each roadname.

I can answer, or find answers, to questions on most aspects of model trains, railroad equipment or buildings.
I went to eBay and found some similar trains for sale, but the prices being asked for are pretty high and I saw no bids for them.

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