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Duncan RhodesDuncan is the Editor-in-Chief of Urban Travel Blog, a born and bred city slicker who loves urban adventure, street art, killer bars and late night hotspots. Subscribe to our newsletter and you'll get all our freshest guide, stories and tips - for free! The debate over the reconstruction of the Hoan Bridge is one that has ignited controversy in Milwaukee for almost a full year now. Before considering the merits of either proposal, it’s important to understand why and how the debate started in the first place.
Assuming that the bridge will lose its interstate status regardless of which action is picked locally, there is a lot that could be gained by more sensible planning of the southside connection.
The north end of Interstate 794 as it turns to head west towards the Marquette Interchange occupies some of the most expensive real estate in the city. The Lake Interchange simply isn’t needed anymore (nor was it ever), and a solution that encompasses the needs of southside commuters and Milwaukee.
The red-framed land is the land that would made available for redevelopment as a result of the bridge reconfiguration. Lowering Interstate 794 from the Milwaukee River to the east with a smooth-flowing street-level boulevard would finally unite East Town with the Third Ward. This land is far more valuable than the reclaimed land from the Park East Freeway based on location alone.
I think the 794 spur should have come down as well making downtown a complete neighborhood and not really affecting any suburbanites commute more than 10 minutes. Consider the costs of installing a bascule bridge on a limited access highway for the commercial Port of Milwaukee. As for the cost of a new bridge, the Knapp Street Bridge cost 11,000,000 in 2003 and anyone knows it’s cheaper to build a road on actual ground versus spanning the entire distance. A redecked Hoan won’t contribute anything more, but a new lower bridge will open up views of the lake while creating access to huge areas of now hard to reach waterfront. An excellent look at the topic, except that FHWA says it has NOT informed WisDOT that they wish to remove the federal designation form the bridge.

And the 40,000 traffic count is actually higher than many sections of the federal highway system in Southeast Wisconsin. Any change in the highway designation would be initiated by a DOT decision to replace the bridge with a less-robust structure and roadway.
I came to know of Urban Station Café only when it opened at 25 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai during my 6-month stay in Somerset Chancellor Court, which was just two doors away. My verdict, come here if you want a cheap place to kill some time or to get away from the outdoor heat and dust. Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam, and it has a range of entertainment and culinary options to match its size.
Everything from traditional water puppet shows to upscale night clubs make the list of entertaining activities. In a day of shopping you can visit modern shopping malls, local markets and shopping streets dedicated to filling your shopping bags.
Accommodation options range from simple backpacker style guesthouses to top of the line 5 star hotels, and everything in between. Southsiders under the direction of Supervisor Patricia Jursik have united around the Save the Hoan Coalition.
On August 22nd, 2008, The Business Journal of Milwaukee floated a trial balloon for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) quoting Transportation Secretary Frank Busalacchi discussing the feasibility of tearing down the bridge.
Proposing eliminating a part of the interstate system isn’t exactly business as usual for WisDOT. The bridge itself is rather narrow, but it’s the ramps at the end that consume all the space.
The green lines indicate the massing of a new street-level boulevard, while the blue lines reflect the current space consumed by the elevated freeway. While there are a good deal of people working in downtown, it is the ease of commute from the south side out to the ‘burbs that I think has helped the south side flourish.
Why can’t we push for the state to rebuild a lower bridge and build an extension down to Ryan road at the same time?

First of all, the drinks were really cheap, with prices ranging from 17,000d for a black coffee to 35,000d for smoothies, shakes and chocolate drinks.
The cup of hot mocha (31,000d) that I had during my last visit was lukewarm and disappointing although the latte art was quite pretty. The ambience was great, the seats were comfortable and I had no complaints about the staff.
Meanwhile, Milwaukee Alderman Robert Bauman has presented a differing vision for the future of the Hoan with eight principles that should be followed in any reconstruction effort. A few loud and angry people want to make this into an us vs them issue, but everyone in our corner of the state can benefit if we all come together. Their outlets have a modern Western interior design inspired by foreign take away coffee places.
One would presume that the facts that the bridge needs to be redecked and that interstate-level federal support won’t be available to financially support the redecking would spur one into proposing different ideas that would reduce the total lifetime cost of the highway.
We deserve better than this and a slow train with many stops (KRM) leading to Milw is not the answer. Pair the cheap drinks with air-conditioned, clean and modern interior, you get a great place to hang out with friends or do some works on your laptop with the wifi. Eliminating a section of a federally-designated Interstate highway just isn’t a plan that would likely emerge from WisDOT, let alone one that they would float as a trial balloon. 794 is as much a lifeline to outlying areas like Brookfield and Waukesha as it is to downtown.
The needs of the whole city should be considered, however, the needs of the 15K people living in the neighborhood surrounding the interchange should trump the 40K cars that bypass those neighborhoods each day.

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