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Cowen came up with an idea that he proposed to the shop owner, Robert Ingersoll, to add action to his shop window. Cowen had founded Lionel Trains in a small office at 24 Murray Street at the young age of 23.
The B&O loco, initiated a demand from consumers and hobbyists for small scale reproductions of real trains. This track has a center rail that carried the electrical current and was designed to eliminate short circuits. 13 different items, including the #5 and #6 steam engines and the highly collectible #8 and #9 trolleys.
Some Lionel locomotives now featured a red painted cow catcher while others were fitted with electric headlamps. Lionel Corporation (as it was now known) was building sites outside the US and was buying up the competition. Streamlined passenger trains were introduced in the middle of the decade, as was the first steam whistle. Rabbit "chick mobiles," which came out the following year; and the 'O' gauge Mickey Mouse Circus Train. Having assumed the presidency that year, Lawrence remained at the head of the company until its sale in 1959.
One of the first new postwar trains issued was the #671 6-8-6 die-cast Steam Turbine Locomotive. Today these sets are considered valuable to collectors, and are difficult to acquire in working condition.
Up until this time, only trains with East Coast and Midwestern heralds had been made by Lionel. Lionel introduced the 275 watts ZW transformer, which was strong enough to move four trains at once.
Additional manufacturing facilites located in Newark and Hillside, NJ were acquired to meet the product demand. 1957 saw the debut of the #746 Norfolk & Western 4-8-4 Class J bullet nose 'O' gauge die-cast locomotive. Employees had been let go, and high-quality product lines had been discontinued in order to cut costs.
Over the next three years, while newly focused on retailing, Lionel annual revenue more than doubled to $80.1 million. In 1979 Fundimensions reintroduced the American Flyer 'S' Gauge trains as part of the Lionel line. In general, Lionel trains regained its health in the 1970's, enjoying increasing sales through the decade.
RPM levels for diesel locomotives when in neutral, ramp ups when running, and brake and boost sounds. For steam locomotives it provides chugging, whistles and the screeching of steel wheels on steel rails.
Completely new product lines also expanded Lionel's offerings during the late 1980's and early 1990's. In 2006, the Lionel electric train was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame, along with the Easy Bake Oven. In April 2014, after 10 years in that role, Jerry Calabrese resigned as President and CEO of Lionel Electric Trains.
The site runs the gamut from news about light rail in Ethiopia to the story behind the legend of Casey Jones.
This holiday season, we are pleased to welcome several new products, including a Christmas train based on the Victorian-era Hall locomotives that were the pride of Britains Great Western Railways. Note about Availability and Pricing: Although I try to keep an eye on things and to recommend products that are reasonably available, the model train market does fluctuate, and any product on this page may change price or become unavailable without prior notice. Note about Suppliers: While we try to help you get the trains and other products you want by recommending suppliers with a good record of customer service, all transactions between you and the supplier you chose to provide your trains are governed by the published policies on the supplier's web site. The Lionel(r) Polar Express Train Set - If you can get ahold of one, this set will give you everything you need to set up a Polar Express Train around your Christmas tree. If you're a train fan, it might help to know that this locomotive is based on a Pere Marquette Berkshire that ran on the real railroads near the author's home when he was growing up. The current version of this set includes a remote control, which means you can adjust the train's speed from your armchair if you wish. Note about the "Large Scale" Polar Express(r) Train Set: - While you are shopping for a Polar Express train, you will almost certainly come across Lionel's "Large Scale" version. Add to Your Train Polar Express Talking Conductor Coach - Add even more excitement to your Polar Express(r) train, with real conductor announcements from the movie. Note: This product's stocks are getting low in late 2007 - I just had to remove another supplier for this car.
Polar Express Dining Car - Lionel has added a dining car to make your Polar Express train even more fun. Polar Express Baggage Car - Lionel has also added a lighted baggage car for your Polar Express train. Please click on a button to check price and availability.Please click on the button to check price and availability.
Polar Express Elf Hand Car - If you want to give your Polar Express a break from time to time, set this on the track and watch the comic action as the elves try to reach the handles to pump this car. Lionel Coca-Cola 125Th Anniversary Vintage Steam O-Gauge Train Set This is a new, very popular Lionel train that will sell out quickly. Other Coca Cola Trains and Acessories - If you like this train and would like to see other Coca Cola-themed trains and accessories to go with them, please visit our Hawthorne Village Coca Cola Train page.

Lionel Peanuts Christmas Train Set This train commemorates a classic Christmas Television Special that is still shown every year. This train hauls two freight cars, and a caboose, but you can add more passenger cars or freight cars if you want (see below). Lionel Gingerbread Junction This is Lionel's first Christmas train to use their little 0-6-0T "docksider" locomotive.
Update for 2015 - These were available in such small numbers last year that most people who wanted them were disappointed. Lionel Santa's Flyer Ready To Run Train Set After many years of making their "standard" Christmas train with an Atlantic-style 4-4-2 locomotive, Lionel switched over to making the trains with an 0-8-0 switcher locomotive.
If you already have a Lionel Christmas train, especially one pulled by a 4-4-2 locomotive like the Silver Bells train above, this train will help you expand your empire without owning two of the same basic locomotive. Lionel's Frosty the Snowman Train This train is blue, which makes it unique among all of Lionel's Christmas trains offered so far. Still a Favorite!Harry Potter's Hogwarts Express® - First introduced in 2007, this set is still introducing kids of all ages to the wonders of the old British "Great Western Railways" trains, albeit in a color scheme designed to attract fantasy lovers of all ages. Okay, a "Harry Potter" train may not quite seem like a "Christmas" train, but it will look great around your Christmas tree.
Lionel FasTrack Curves A set of four curved pieces, along with a few more straight pieces, will give you many more choices of how to set up your Polar Express Train. Lionel FasTrack Railer - The Railer is used to help you and your family easily roll your locomotives and rolling stock onto the tracks.
A Freight Expander Package to increase the size and fun of ANY O Gauge Christmas train is also available. In addition, the O-Scale Accessories page includes many relatively inexpensive details such as bridges, fencing, and stations, that will bring life to any O-Scale or O-Gauge railroad. Copyright (c) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 by Paul D. Just for Christmas - Collectible Decorations and Gifts - Visit any of the links below to see quality collectible Christmas gifts and decorations that have been popular with our readers.
This page may take a while to develop into actually selling items because I can't figure out what to part with.
At the time of this review, The Only Game by Mike Lupica is so new at Amazon that we do not have any reader reviews to show you.
Joshua’s first train was called The Electric Express, and Lionel grew from that first chug-chug. Starting small and then building to a lager structure proves to be the best method for teaching kids to operate and respect the model railroad hobby, as well as instilling a budget-minded plan for buying the train gear. For those demanding electronic integration, there are chat rooms about model railroading, and Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all love the Lionel Train pictures, videos and comments.
Today I am still fascinated with those majestic birds of prey, but I find myself loving those really colorful birds in places far, far away. The photographic clarity in the above shot is an example of the richness that can be found all over the internet. Having a reference book has been useful to me in order to learn a bit about the birds I see. For the uninitiated, Sno Cones are delightful servings of shaved or crushed ice covered with a flavored syrup, which are served in a cone-shaped cup which rests oh, so comfortably in one’s hand. Because of the Snow Cone craze stemming from Baltimore, Snow Cone machines began to be developed in the 1890’s, so you can see that this piece of Americana is not new by any means.
Combinations of flavors began to pop up, usually in a rainbow-type display of color which made the snow Cone even more appealing.
If Snow Cones are a part of your historical past, as they are of mine, you should be able to remember that great taste and perhaps a brain freeze or two!
The current assortment of Necco Wafers includes orange, lemon, clove, lime, chocolate, cinnamon, licorice and wintergreen.
This delicious candy is actually fat free, gluten free and does not contain high-fructose corn syrup. I do think things from the past become more important as we age, but I can still recall hearing a song in my late teens that reminded me of a girlfriend from a year or two prior. I recall baseball games, complete with trips to Yankee Stadium to watch Mickey Mantle play.
Sometimes I can remember those old memories better than I can recall yesterday’s lunch. We will be posting some of my favorite memories on this site, as well as ideas from my readers. We hope you have fun here, and feel free to leave a comment below… if you can remember! It featured a red #1508 Commodore Vanderbilt style loco with a #1509 Mickey Mouse stoker tender. Lionel eventually reached a deal with MTH Electric Trains to settle their trade-secrets battle.
This train set includes a very large, solid, high-quality locomotive that whistles, as well as two lighted passenger cars with silhouettes that show scenes from the movie. The conductor figure, holding his lighted lantern, stands in the doorway welcoming passengers, and says "All aboard!" You control the car's features from the transformer, or you can turn them off for running like any other car. Polar Express Disappearing Hobo Car - This car was snatched up fast when it first came out. Polar Express Hot Chocolate Car - Expand your Polar Express(tm) train set with the Lionel Polar Express(tm) Hot Chocolate Add-on Car, with interior lighting and silhouettes in the windows.
This lighted car has Silhouettes in the windows and Lionel knuckle couplers to attach to the rest of the train.

And it includes a specially-machined model of the real, historic "Hall Class" British locomotive that was repainted for the Harry Potter movies. All of the trains on this page come with Lionel's new "FasTrack," which looks better and goes together easier than traditional O-27 track. Of course they were everywhere so I could hardly miss their presence, but I took a deeper interest in their activities as well as their physical features. Find out in this start to the Home Team series about a small town with high hopes, from New York Times bestselling author and sportswriting legend Mike Lupica. They have been a huge part of Americana since 1900 and are still  going quite strong today. The history is invigorating, as it shows a true American dream, even including a bad time that the company survived.
Kids learn so much in those early years, as their minds just absorb knowledge faster than we can give it to them. I would never qualify for the Audubon Society, but I have always been a fan. Perhaps it was their ability to fly or maybe a majestic quality that caught my attention way back then. It was the bird bible and had amazing pictures of birds from all over the world. Eagles, hawks and falcons were my favorite birds to read about.
Modern photography is rich with color and clarity, and it really captures the radiance of these colorful creatures. With all the real snow on the ground today here in the northeast, it may not be the exact time to reminisce about Snow Cones, but it sort of makes me forget about winter and look forward to some hotter weather, in a shivery sort of way. I see Snow Cone machines from $29, but this one looks like a rugged machine for a reasonable price. Oliver Chase, an English immigrant, invented a lozenge cutting machine with which he produced the wafers. The masses quickly spoke with many letters and emails as well as a 35% drop in sales, and the original Necco Wafer formula was re-instituted in 2011 and remains true today today. Hitting a home run while a Yankee scout was watching me, as well as fun fishing trips with my old friend, Jimmy when we were 12. Car includes interior lighting, silhouettes in windows, conductor figure in doorway, and a lighted lantern. Instead, you set this on top of the track temporarily and "feed" each car through it to get it onto the track. Even on what might appear to us big folks as a smaller scale event, any life issue can have traumatic consequences to a kid. Founded in 1900 by Joshua Lionel Cowen, Lionel was not the first model railroad company, but under his passion, experience and salesmanship it quickly overtook the competition and never looked back. Birthday parties are a big hit when there is a nice train set-up to teach the guests, and Christmas might just bring that special engine from the wish list to reality! From this link you can browse the entire site and if you are so inclined, you can order a starter set to try it out.
I remember one of the Hardy Boys Mystery books was about falcons, and I was a big Hardy Boy series reader. Taking a minute to really look at this bird, quietly, with no distraction, drops my stress level immensely.
You may think that you efforts won’t help much, but if that is correct, it will do something for you! To transport the ice to Florida, the ice houses would send a wagon with a huge block of ice south.
Once on the site, just search for Snow Cone machines and you will find cones and flavorings, too!
I remember my trip to Miami Beach when I was 10 and several excursions to the New York Worlds Fair in the 60’s. I not only become more relaxed, but I also find my creative senses become rejuvenated and I become more productive… with a little smile on my face. The route to Florida would pass right through Baltimore. In Baltimore, children would run up to the wagon and ask for a small scraping of ice. Considering that the treat consists only of ice and a little flavoring, it is another one of the healthier sweets available. In 1901, Chase and Company merged with two other companies to incorporate the New England Confectionery Company.
The whole train is far too small to be considered "Large Scale" in any meaningful sense, though it does run on 45mm track (the same track width that real Large Scale trains use). To young Jack Callahan, it was like getting hit with a fastball… that hard and that quickly. An uncle, who was a master carpenter, helped my build a simple support stand at about 28″ off the floor. Before long, mothers started to make flavoring in anticipation of their child receiving some ice.
You can even juice some strawberries, blueberries or other favorite fruit and make an all-natural Sno Kone! We placed it in front of a bedroom window and I spent literally hundreds of hours managing and changing the layout.

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