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Fall was showing some of its brightest colors as we walked to the Erie Canal starting here in Lockport, New York.
The layout in Model Train Museum in Medina, New York was larger than any I have seen before.
We stayed with my nephew, Eric, and his wife, Susan, in Penfield east of Rochester for a couple nights and then posed for this picture as we left. Our host at the Erie Mansion said his license would not allow him to sell or give us drinks. As I implied earlier, this is a working canal over much of its length though there is not a lot of working traffic. The next day we walked south from the Hazelnut Inn (in the background) part of the way with our host and hostess. Closed on Thursday, November 26, 2015, Thursday, December 24, 2015, Friday, December 25, 2015and Friday, January 1, 2016.
Most railroad lines were (and are) large enterprises requiring vast amounts of material and equipment to operate. In Loco for Locos you'll see many examples of the variety of items used to promote rail travel. We invite you to go back in time, to the Panama-California Exposition and visit an exciting scale model version of Balboa Park.
If you have a special skill or just want to donate your time, we have a good number of volunteer opportunities. In this exciting new workshop series participants will learn the skills and techniques that went into creating the 3D printed details for the Centennial Garden Railway. Exhibit 3D designer, Clayton McIntyre will teach attendees basic design skills that can be applied to model building.
San Diego, CA 92101 The museum library has an extensive reference collection of books, magazines and photographs related to both prototype and model railroading.

This is a really neat youtube video about the building of the railroad and trains used in the filming of THE LONE RANGER movie. Though not along the entire canal the paths gave us a peaceful and delightful route through central New York from Lockport near Niagara Falls to Albany on the Hudson River. When the early canal was in use, mules and horses walked this path pulling the barges up and down the canal. Though they are trying to renew commercial traffic, most of the boats on the canal are recreational.
But he said something that amounted to, "If you happen to try something from one of the bottles here in the game room and I don't see you, there is nothing I can do about it." The liquor shelves were well stocked.
It is "Canal Law #169" detailing the mandated speeds and how "floats" were to meet and pass each other.(9 Nov 09). Over its history there were three versions of the Erie Canal, the first basically a wide ditch with towpath and many locks.
After talking a while, Bill offered us a place to stay in his home in Cicero for the night.
We just took our piece of the road and let the cars and trucks find a way around us, as they always did. Both frame members were broken now (arrows point the breaks out) and I threatened to give it up completely. You’re about to get a laugh from model railroad helix plans that as much as possible. Hey I’m showing my age since several professional people are far too many reactions in that. You’d think is that stuff is that it leaves you with less stuff information as it regards to stuff. One way of remembering this bygone era is through collecting railroad artifacts that have survived the years.

It also has a sizeable collection of railroad timetables and railroad promotional brochures dating from 1893.
I enjoyed watching this model wander around the layout in and out of tunnels and past models of the Erie Canal.
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And on top of all that the house is said to have a ghost lurking on the stairway where someone once hung himself.

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