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EMD, famous for its successful production of quality locomotives, hit the target once again when the company introduced the SW1500 and its cousin the SW1000 on January 1, 1966. Returning to the RailKing Scale line for 2016, our SW1500 has everything you'd want in a yard switcher or road switcher: front and rear remote Proto- Couplers, smooth performance at any speed down to 3 scale miles per hour, dual-motor power, and authentic EMD sounds. Our 50' modern boxcar is modeled on the fleet of cars originally built for Railbox service in the 1970s and early 1980s. The initial 1974 Railbox order was for 10,000 boxcars with the reporting marks RBOX, supplied by a variety of car builders including Pullman-Standard, American Car and Foundry, and FMC. High quality, traditionally sized RailKing Freight Cars provide detailed bodies and colorful paint schemes for the O Gauge railroader. The app can also control a DCS layout from any smartphone or tablet when paired with a DCS Wi-Fi Interface Unit and DCS Track Interface Unit. All listings sold via Auction are subject to a 15% Buyer's Premium which will be collected at checkout.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Whether your business is dragging coal across the Alleghenies, or hustling general merchandise from New York to Chicago, we have you covered. These locomotives were the latest in the SW line of switchers that had been tremendously popular since the mid-1930s. Formed in 1974 as a subsidiary of Trailer Train Company (now TTX Company), Railbox did for box cars what Trailer Train had done earlier for piggybacking: established a pool of cars that could be used by all member railroads, without the burden of routing rules that prioritized empty cars for return to their home railroad. MTH makes an enormous variety of RailKing Freight Cars, including many different car types and roadnames.
Electric Trains will be attending the Amherst Railroad Society Railroad Hobby Show on January 30 - 31, 2016 at the Eastern States Exposition Fairgrounds in West Springfield, Massachusetts.
Electric Trains has published it's first smartphone and tablet app for controlling a DCS layout wirelessly to the Apple App Store and Google Play stores.

This week's feature will focus on select RailKing O Gauge offerings including the EMD SW1500 diesel locomotive, 50' Modern box car, Airslide Hopper and Offset Steel Caboose. Under their hoods throbbed EMD's new 645E prime mover; the SW1500 sported a 12-cylinder version that developed 1500 hp. With roof access no longer needed, the cars' end ladders only went partway up the sides, to allow crew members to ride the cars during switching moves.
No matter what era or part of the country you are modeling, RailKing is sure to have something for you. The list of optional equipment for the SW1500 — which included a larger fuel tank, smoother-riding trucks, and ballasting to add weight — suggests that EMD expected the locomotive to be used as a true road switcher.

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