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This completely finished wooden lowboy trestle will make a great addition to your model railroad.
Basically, the Scale of a Model refers to the size of the Model in comparison to the real item that it models. Apart from the obvious size characteristics, Scale also implies other things, such as manufacturing limitations, realism and also has practical implications.
Introduced by Marlin in the early 1970’s, this was the smallest commercially available scale for many years. Even today, Marklin remains the only major company making a complete range of Z-scale products, though at least one other manufacturer makes the trains and several make scenic accessories. The rails of the track are spaced 9mm apart, the real rails being spaced the same as for Z-scale.
Arguably the most common model railway scale in the world, HO Scale remains one of the most important commercial scales and is very popular in most countries.

Note that the real-world equivalent spacing of the rails varies with scale, but then so did train tracks vary with place and era. The minimum turn radius of 24″ (610mm) corresponds to a startling 14m scaled, although it is acknowledged at a lot of rolling stock modelling longer items will not handle the minimum radius.
A Number on Specialized Scales have been adopted by modellers seeking prototypical dimensions. Realism here refers to how closely a Scale resembles the real-world operational characteristics. Keep in mind that limits are not firm; as the turn gets tighter and tighter, more and more rolling stock becomes unable to negotiate the turn, or the length of train that can make the turn gets shorter and shorter.
These are just some of the issues when we truly start to consider prototypical layout design and operations, and we will discuss this further in another article. Hand crafted in our Western Pennsylvania shop,this particular item measures 4" H X 24" L and works well with tubular and Fastrack.

This is the equivalent of having a real-world, full-size track that turns with a radius of 54m, when scaled up. This is the equivalent of having a real-world, full-size track that turns with a radius of 33m, when scaled up. Tighter turns would require a more acute angle between the axes of subsequent coaches, and buffers or coupling mechanics reach the end of their travel.

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