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Metro North Train Crash In New York Leaves Six People Dead You are using an outdated browser. At least 12 people were taken to Westchester Medical with serious injuries, and one person was taken to Phelps Memorial Hospital in Sleepy Hollow.
Kensico Dam is named for the village that is now under the water of the Kensico reservoir that the dam helped create!
The real estate market in Valhalla had a far better June in 2010 than it had in 2009, with sales more than doubling and the median price increasing almost 50%. At least six people were killed and 15 others hospitalized when a commuter train loaded with rush-hour passengers struck at least one vehicle and caught fire north of New York City.
The fiery crash happened Tuesday evening near the town of Valhalla, along Metro-North Railroad's Harlem Line.
Authorities initially reported the death count at seven people, but revised it Wednesday morning. Firefighters work at the scene of a train vs car accident at the Commerce Street crossing in Valhalla Feb. The vehicle stopped when crossing gates came down upon it, according to an NBC News reporter, and the driver got out to inspect for damage.
Service was interrupted on parts of the Harlem Line, according to the MTA, which runs from Manhattan to the Bronx and suburban areas north of the city. About 750 to 800 passengers were evacuated from the northbound express train, according to ABC News.
A nearby gym temporarily became a makeshift relief center for the evacuated passengers who were offered water, cookies and limited first aid until emergency crews arrived.

There have been several accidents and derailments, some deadly, on Metro North lines since 2013, according to a tally by the Journal News.
Is Western Lake Erie Impaired?This month, the Ohio EPA will send a list of impaired waters to the US EPA for approval.
Downtown Cleveland Rebounding, But Work RemainsA report shows more people are living downtown, but there are fewer jobs there than before the recession. Attempted Fix For VA Health Delays Creates New BureaucracyA $10 billion program to eliminate long wait times and other problems for veterans' health care hasn't worked out as planned. Stark State College is Building New Campus in Downtown AkronStark State announced a new 50,000 sq. Following the Metro North train crash, police officers escorted passengers to the back of the train, and then led them outside to a nearby parking lot.
Every year they have fireworks on the great lawn of Kensico Plaza, and it is a popular recreation and picnic area. With 12 homes currently under contract, this small hamlet is showing no signs of losing momentum. Five passengers and the driver of the vehicle were killed in the collision, officials said. The motorist got back in, drove forward and was hit by the oncoming train, according to NBC.
He told The Huffington Post that there was near panic as passengers surged to the rear cars without any instruction from train operators in the moments immediately after the collision. In an email, [Metro-North spokeswoman Marjorie] Anders said crossing gates came down on top of the vehicle.

More veterans wait even longer for care now than they did a year ago.Suddenly Paralyzed, Two Men Struggle To Recover From Guillain-BarreGuillain-Barre syndrome can render healthy people temporarily paralyzed.
Up the Hill from downtown is the old Columbus school, which is no longer a public school school and owned by Easter Seals. The driver of the car was a woman, according to a Metropolitan Transportation Authority official who spoke to The New York Times. Some passengers were being treated for injuries, and others were waiting and trying to find another way home.
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Using Predictive Analytics 96 How Virtual Reality is Transforming Shopping 42 Image: GDPR: Do You Know What Data Protection Breaches Could Cost You? This incident of a Metro North train crash follows a derailment in December 2013 in the Bronx which killed four people on the railroad. Aside from writing journalism and SEO, I love to dabble in the arts of poetry, fiction, and game design in my free time. Innovate or Deteriorate – How Can Corporations Ensure That Billion Dollar Opportunities Don’t Slip Away?

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