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The Fraser River and Burrard Inlet separate municipalities; there are about 18 major road crossings of natural features.
Transit services are provided on behalf of TransLink, a regional transportation agency that assumed control of BC Transit's former Vancouver Regional Transit System on April 1, 1999.
The TransLink system map is printed and sold as the "Transportation Services Guide for Greater Vancouver". Timetables (which always include maps of the route) are available for free from "Transit Information Outlets" such as public libraries, city halls, community centres, Tourist Information Centres, etc. Most bus service in the region is provided by Coast Mountain Bus Company, a subsidiary of TransLink. SeaBus travels between downtown Vancouver (Waterfront Station)and North Vancouver (Lonsdale Quay). Actually, the number indicates one region the bus operates in- many suburban routes operate as express buses to and from downtown Vancouver.
North-south routes in the city of Vancouver generally start from a terminus on the south side of the city, go north to downtown, then go south to a different terminus on the south side of the city. The service frequency on many routes in the City of Vancouver itself is quite good - every 10 minutes or less during rush hour, every 15 minutes at other times. Schedules for routes on major corridors are often meshed to give, for example, 7.5 minute service from two 15-minute routes.
Late night (Owl) service is provided on major routes, mostly within the City of Vancouver, every half-hour from 00h10 to 03h10with all routes serving downtown making a timed connection at these times. West Vancouver "Blue Buses" (so called because they are painted blue) are operated by the municipality, not Coast Mountain Bus Company.
The SeaBus provides a connection between downtown Vancouver(Waterfront Station) and North Vancouver (Lonsdale Quay) by crossing Burrard Inlet. The SkyTrain is an automated (driverless) light rail system, operated from a control centre in Burnaby. The suburban end of the Expo Line is at King George station in Surrey; the downtown end is at Waterfront Station. Currently four car Mark 1 trains are still being used but when the Millennium Line opened in 2002 a new longer SkyTrain car called the Mark 2 was introduced.
The West Coast Express is a commuter train service operating between Vancouver and Mission, a city 65 km to the east. There are also 64 lockers at West Coast Express stations, owned and managed by Imperial Parking (contact them at 331-7297 at their office in Waterfront Station). As of August 2005 bicycles are allowed on board buses or SkyTrain at all times except during rush hours in the peak direction.
The Japanese cherry blossom tree does not yield fruit like other cherry trees, and why should this born aristocrat produce a market crop anyway when its single mission is to be beautiful? There are 40,000 cherry trees in Vancouver (37,000 cherry trees were gifted from Japan, and in 2010, the city planted 3,000 new cherry blossom trees in celebration of Vancouver’s 125th birthday). This year, Japan’s representative tree ended up opening already on March 16, setting a new record for earliest opening since the beginning of the record taking in 1953.
The VanDusen Botanical Garden boasts more than 100 cherry trees, representing 24 varieties.
According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the record distance in cherry-pit spitting is 28.51 metres. Cherries can relieve pain, help you avoid premature aging, fight diseases, help you sleep, or add years to your life.

The double-petal blossoms are preserved in salt for making a refreshing drink called akura-ya served on felicitous occasions by floating a few blossoms in a cup of hot water. Cherry blossom trees were gifted to the City of Vancouver in the early 1930s to honour the Japanese-Canadian soldiers who fought in World War I. Like every year, the festival introduces many interesting events like dances, art classes, bike rides, and lunches to celebrate the blooming. Plein-air instructors will lead watercolour, pastel, oil, and acrylic painters in art-making sessions right inside the garden, helping painters to capture the garden’s cherry trees and other plants in their work. The official festival kick-off will be a rockin’ good time with performances that honour Vancouver’s multicultural heritage. Nine walks through some of Vancouver’s spectacular spring gardens are led by notable tree enthusiasts who help visitors find the city’s most beautiful blooms, talk about their origins, and help identify different varieties. Celebrate Vancouver’s longtime friendship with Japan at this family-friendly festival within a festival. This entry was posted in Vancouver Blog and tagged blossom, cherry, festival, tree, Vancouver on March 28, 2013. The terrain varies from totally flat to the east and south, to hilly in much of the densely populated area, to just plain mountainous on the north shore of Burrard Inlet. This guide contains fare information and some other useful information such as bus service frequencies and hours. Buses are supposed to carry timetables but it is rare to find one that does, West Vancouver Blue Buses being a notable exception. The only major exception is in West Vancouver where West Vancouver Municipal Transit has operated continuously since 1912. Bus routes outside the city of Vancouver which do not go downtown will generally terminate at a major bus exchange (e.g.
Thus, for example, the #22 will say "Knight" on the destination sign as it travels north on Macdonald Street to downtown, since the bus will continue south on Knight Street after passing through downtown. The downtown section uses what used to be a single track railway tunnel; the tunnel was renovated and enlarged to allow two tracks to be stacked. Service frequency is once every 5 minutes or better all day, every day, with almost twice as frequent service during rush hours. The older cars are 40feet long and has a seating capacity of 36 and total normal capacity of 75. There are 5 trains into Vancouver in the morning, and 5 trains out of Vancouver in the evening.
Park & Ride lots are also available at all West Coast Express stations except Waterfront and Port Haney. Bicycles are also allowed on board the West Coast Express, but a separate $1 ticket (or $15 monthly or $45 quarterly pass) must be bought in order to bring a bicycle on the train.
As the the rainy season fades, Vancouver packs away its coat and takes its turn in the spotlight thanks to 55 varieties of cherry blossom trees, creating a wonderful sea of pink and white. We collected some interesting facts about cherry trees and cherries to share before we all go outside to celebrate this natural phenomenon. Vancouver was given another gift of cherry blossom trees in 1958 to symbolize the friendship between Japan and Canada. As a preparation for the grand happening, the Shiamak Vancouver Performance Team will be giving free World Umrella Dance lessons under the Burrard SkyTrain Station cherry blossom trees from 11:30 to noon. Don’t miss tea ceremonies, the Haiku Invitational reading, ikebana, sake tasting, anime, taiko drumming, Japanese cuisine, hands-on workshops, and much more.

Join Velopalooza for a guided ride that weaves through Vancouver’s most blossom-laden neighbourhoods.
Poets and non-poets alike are invited to submit haikus on the subject to festival organizers. The Vancouver region is bordered by the Strait of Georgia (Pacific Ocean) to the west, mountains to the north and east, and the U.S. Most bus routes outside the city of Vancouver are less frequent, many operating only every half-hour or every hour.
The fare structure is integrated with TransLink, however, and there is a TransLink logo on each bus. Most of the 28.8km(18 mile) guideway is elevated, thus permitting fabulous views of the city and mountains (if the weather is clear!). The newer Mark 2 cars are longer and are articulated permiting passengers to walk the full length of the longer car.
Parking is generally free, although pay parking is in effect at Bridgeport Station, Production Station, Scott Road station and at West Coast Express stations in order to fund security patrols.
There are two bicycle tie-downs per car, and cyclists are permitted to stand with bicycles in the vestibule of the passenger cars provided they don't interfere with other passengers. Like they do every spring, the pink blossoms suddenly emerge, and for a brief moment Vancouverites pause and marvel at the yearly renewal of nature.
The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival is a perfect way to express gratitude for this gift and to celebrate the beauty and joy the cherry trees bring to Vancouverites. The Registrant may be permitted to access the VOW only after the Participant has verified that the email address provided is valid the Registrant\'s agreement to the VOW\'s Terms of Use is confirmed. There are relatively few controlled access highways, almost all of which are outside the city of Vancouver itself. There are some extreme cases as well - the bus to the West Vancouver cemetery operates once a month!
First sailing is from North Vancouver at 602h (602h Sat, 802h Sun), the last is from Vancouver at 046h (2316h Sun). The trains are pulled along the guideway by linear induction motors mounted on the underside of each car(hence the train does not rely on wheel to rail traction for acceleration - on the other hand, snow accumulation on the linear induction rail has caused problems).
The total transit service area is 1800 square kilometres; the City of Vancouver is approximately 100 square kilometres. North Vancouver bus routes make timed connections at Lonsdale Quay with all SeaBus sailings. The Expo Line elevated stations are recognisable by the green "hoop trusses" which provide support for the station walls and ceilings. When the SeaBus is not operating in the late night and early morning, a replacement bus service (#242) is provided via the Lion's Gate Bridge.
The newer stations in Surrey have distinctive styles, whereas the Millennium Line stations are quite unique from each other. Stations are open to the air but protected from the rain, since Vancouver does not get terribly cold but does get a fair bit of rain.

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