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If you’re looking for a slightly different ride, vintage cars for sale offer a style and driving experience that simply cannot be found with new cars bought through a dealership.
Old Ride Trader is a free online classified web site just for car sellers, traders, and buyers.
Originally opened as Mullen’s Dining Car Cafe in 1946, this novelty restaurant operated during the heyday of American roadside services. In 2012, a retired contractor from Cayucos, California, Tom Pierze, purchased the dining cars and had them transported up the coast to Morro Bay at great cost. The three photographs above are HDR (high dynamic range ) images comprised of bracketed RAW shots processed in Photomatix Pro, Lightroom, Photoshop, and with onOne Software’s Perfect Photo Suite. September 2013 Update – Mystery Location Revealed: A huge thanks to Joe Myers, who informed me that these classic dining cars have been bought by and moved to the Bitter Creek Western Railroad near Arroyo Grande, California. Michelle, thanks so much for stopping by and reading my post on these wonderful dining cars.
A huge thank you, Joe, for finally solving the great mystery on the ultimate fate of these vintage dining cars. I snapped some pics not too long before they left Buellton, and a couple in Morro but they were just snapshots. I have been trying to find out what happened to the dining cars but have no information yet. Great article Renee, once set in place these two rail cars quickly became an icon of Morro Bay. Video Exploring Color Gamut Differences Between Inkjet Pigment Prints and Digital C-PrintsExploring Color Gamut with ColorThink Pro Software – Inkjet Pigment Prints vs. Ever wondered what the difference in color gamut between inkjet and chromogenic prints looks like?
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This one of one car was awarded Most Significant Race Car at Pebble Beach and was featured in Road & Track magazine.
An informational blog about Vintage Vending Machines, Gas Pumps, Juke Boxes, Antique Advertising and related Classic American Memorabilia. I have a Mills Model 65 Pepsi Machine, with no internal parts, just the shell, but it is in good condition.
My mother was born in 1950, and all she ever wanted was a pedal car, but due to her families income she was never able to afford a pedal car. I own a Vendorlator VF 81 and need a few small parts (external) Pepsi sign on top rt front and a couple of racks for the inside would also like a manual.

The inside rack is gone as is the money box, but the 7 -UP graphics are still decent and it still cools excellent. If you’re looking for vintage cars for sale, though, you of course want to get a great bargain and you want to get a ride that will not let you down. This is the online community where car enthusiasts meet in order to sell, buy, and trade rides. Free classic car auto trader featuring thousands of street rods, hot rods, muscle, vintage, collector, antique and exotic cars for sale. The owner, Ed Mullen, had been a veteran steward on real rail dining cars and had managed to transport extra Los Angeles Railway Standard cars from the L.A.
However, in 1955, the California State Highways Department realigned and expanded Highway 101 to serve the increasing traffic.
For a time they sat in silence, awaiting restoration in a weed-covered, abandoned parking lot next to a gas station. They were taken with a Nikon D800 at the intersection of Highways 41 and 1 in Morro Bay while the dining cars awaited a new life. Joe was kind enough to leave a couple comments on this post, and provided this vital information. I own a dining car here in Rhode Island and have had battles with the city going on for years. I did and they never kept their part of the bargain in helping me getting it running again. I am so happy to hear that you rescued one of the original neon signs from Mullen’s Dining Car Cafe. Continuing their history as part of Morro Bay would have been a great addition, it’s unfortante short sight is stronger than foresight. Perhaps as a local resident, you have an answer as to why the owner moved these vintage dining cars and where they went. These links are included after posts are written, and posts are never composed for the purpose of including advertising. With some tlc it would clean up nicely and I was hoping that someone here could help with a value.
It’s like the white #5 car on the top right side of the picture shown with all cars hanging and vending machines below.
This gorgeous, thoroughbred sports car has never been tracked, never seen foul weather and always garaged. Whether you want to get rid of that vintage auto or are looking for vintage cars for sale, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Old Ride Trader. The new property owners tried everything to sell these vintage dining cars, but to no avail.
The cafe, which stood on the original highway, became severely impacted when 101 was moved. Word had it that the new owner wrangled with the city of Morro Bay to obtain the necessary permits to restore them to their former all-American glory and open a new diner.
Due to the fact that the interiors of the dining cars had already been significantly gutted – containing mostly construction materials – I did not take any interior shots. Click here to read the story of how the cars came to rest at the Bitter Creek Western Railroad. Fortunately, these Mullen dining cars were saved by the Bitter Creek Western Railroad, as I mentioned at the bottom of my post in the update.
And you are correct, in reading many articles on the web, there is little information available on the history before the Haas family purchased the property.

All I know is that the City of Morro Bay made things very difficult for the new owner in terms of permits, and that local restaurants did not want another competitor.
I lived in Orange County for many years and miss the fact that there are so few diners like yours in the San Luis Obispo area. You provide a very valuable service to photographers by collating and publishing interesting posts all over the web.
These include Ideal sliders, Victor coolers, Vendo 39’s, Cavalier 72’s and a whole mess of other neat stuff, some of which I wish we still owned. I just learned from the soda-machines forum that a lot of the old machines were taken to the dump after they were changed out in the retail stores.
It is not in “mint condition”, I was wondering how much I could possibly get for this machine if I were to sell it? We posted these photos to share them with our readers only as a matter of collectors’ interest.
With a great selection of vintage cars for sale and new ads going up every day, Old Ride Trader can help to drive away with that dream car. Since 1958 the site remained abandoned and dilapidated, bearing battle scars of time, after being in business for only 12 years. Unfortunately, permit and financial issues resulted in these vintage beauties being removed from their resting place at the intersection of Highways 1 and 41 in Morro Bay. After the dining cars got transported to Morro Bay, the classic vintage interiors were gutted, sadly. The rail cars, which were built in 1911, were operated by the Los Angeles Electric Railway Company until 1944. For decades this classic cafe sat decaying as the forces of nature took over, still a site of interest for lovers of vintage streetcars and retro American diners. I have fond memories of driving through Buellton and stopping to admire the shuttered restaurant.
That is why I did not attempt to photograph the interiors, as there was nothing there but construction materials and tools.
So please if anyone who could email me a website to buy one or no of someone who collects them and sales them, would love to get in touch with this person. If you need a part for your baby, you can find it through Old Ride Trader so you don’t have to pay your mechanic to hunt it down for you. Located strategically on busy Highway 101, Mullen’s Cafe drew many patrons that were traveling the coast between San Francisco and Los Angeles. My brother and myself spent a lot of time in there due to the fact my fathers mother lived there and so did my father.
Only wish I had been able to gain access to photograph the interiors before they were gutted. All I know is that the powers-that-be made it very difficult to obtain the necessary permits to restore them and open a restaurant in that location, which would have been wonderful for tourism in Morro Bay. I have looked at all antique shops in Jacksonville Florida and found one vintage, but wanted to look around.
It doesn’t matter if they work or not, I just want cheap, broken machines that I can make look like these machines.

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