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Included: Various easy to assemble and built HO scale buildings in various stages of completeness and conditions. If you have any question about this Buy THIS Now Classified Ad Item, please contact the member. Serving specialized functions, the float equipped H-19 helicopter is flown by the rescue branch of the military air transport service on missions in all parts of the world.
The models equipped with floats are naturally used in areas where there is a great deal of water present.
The engine, which is mounted in the nose, produces 550 hp at 8,000 feet, with about 600 hp available at takeoff. Two (2) Small Town Station featuring real windows, 3 figures, cigarette machine, benches, baggage and crates, baggage carts and decals.
Many have had their bases made ready for general lighting or grain of wheat bulb with small circular openings.
This kit has been stored for many decades, displays nicely and is 100% original and complete.

While the use of these floats is limited to relatively calm water, the aircraft can also operate with equal ease from either land or carrier decks. Here their over-water jobs can range from picking up a flyer that has gone down in the water, to picking up seriously ill seamen from ships far at sea. In performing its duties as a rescue craft, the H-19 is called upon to work in many different types of country. One of the most important pieces of equipment that the H-19 has aboard is the power operated winch. When working on evacuation assignments the craft can carry eight stretchers, and have them on their way to help at a speed of 110 mph. I believe that this is a miniature replica of the 1909 Model R Roadster designed by twins, Francis and Freelan Stanely. This can be mounted in several ways, but the most common is the way that is installed on your model.
The float equipped H-19 has been truly an Angel Of Mercy to countless numbers of people who have found themselves lost upon the wide and lonely seas of the world.

Operated by the pilot, this winch allows a cable, with a harness attached, to be lowered to the water or deck, where eager hands will receive it, and then be hauled up into the hovering copter.
Elevated Switchman`s shanty, 2-story interlocking tower, crossing tender`s shack, water tower. One (1) Freight station with separate ramp and stairs is reminiscent of small town railroad shipping facilities found throughout the country. Authentic details characterize the structure such as the order loop, lantern, ladder, bulletin board, shovel, electric meter and outlets.

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