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The New 2009 edition Beetle is an ideal car for a small family which packs a lot of power and modern features. Departing totally from the wartime Volkswagen Beetle yet still showing vestiges of the sloping headlamps that Volkswagen Beetle aficionados can easily recognize, the new convertible looks sleek and elegant on the outside.
Redesigned as it may be, the new Beetle evokes a refreshingly fun character and delivers ultimate comfort. Volkswagen Golf is also noted for its striking radiator grille and elegantly shaped headlights.
The two-door coupe features plush and comfortable interiors like the V-Tex leatherette seat surfaces, CD player which is compatible with MPR and satellite radio.

Anti-Lock Brake (ABS) Brake System, and other modern safety features make the new Volkswagen Beetle among the top rated cars in its category.
The original 1976 Volkswagen Golf Mk1’s winning formula rested on its punchy engine, solid suspension, and some other sporty additions. The handsomely trimmed interiors have a classy look, which is underscored by perfect climate control. The new-generation model looks athletic and is eco-friendly, too, from the production process to actual use.
The Volkswagen Golf Mk2 likewise stood out with its red-lined bumpers, subtle GTI badging, and striped upholstery.

Powered by a 1.8 liter engine with twin-cam 16-valve head, the car inspired respect and suited young professional’s image back then.

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