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For HO scale modelers, Walthers has scheduled a limited run of Proto2000 SW9 engines for delivery in April. If you have ever attended a Narrow Gauge Convention you know that the highlight of the awards presentation is provided by the hilarious remarks of Charlie Getz, the genial master of ceremonies. Train Control Systems has several drop-in DCC decoders for Kato N scale diesels that feature adjustable lighting brightness and outputs for flashing ditch lights. WrightTRAK is developing an HO scale Youngstown steel door as an optional modification for ExactRails’ Southern 50-foot waffle car. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Bachmann Industries has an employment opportunity for a communications manager with train expertise. Richard is currently introducing 3 of his grandsons to the hobby by involving them in the construction of his fifth layout. The opinions expressed in this column are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Model Railroad Hobbyist or its sponsors. In addition to the UP version shown here, the ready-to-run model will also be available decorated for Santa Fe, New York Central and Conrail. The models replicate the 1200 horsepower diesel locomotives EMD produced in the early 1950s.

The factory installed grabs will be painted appropriate to the roof and ends of each car while side grabs will be left in natural metal to match the stainless steel prototypes. DVD copies of the 2006 and 2007 conventions are being sold at $10 each as a fund raiser for the Narrow Gauge Preservation Foundation and the Durango Railroad Historical Foundation.
Duties and responsibilities include creation and distribution of print and electronic advertising materials, press releases, product samples and information to trade publications and the media. He enjoys building models, particularly structures, some of which appeared in the June 2006 issue of Model Railroader magazine. Every effort is made to provide our readers with accurate and responsible news and information, however, neither Model Railroad Hobbyist or the writer of this column can be held responsible for any inaccuracies or typographical errors that may inadvertently appear in this publication. These powered locomotives both include QSI Quantum Digital Command Control (DCC) sound decoders. The models will be offered in two numbers each for Santa Fe, Norfolk & Western, SSW-Cotton Belt and Conrail as seen here. In addition, the cars will have correctly tinted window glazing that matches the green color used on the UP prototype. The new 176-page book contains 230 photos, including 93 in color, along with 12 maps, drawings and appendices with freight car rosters and timetables for various years.

The principal manufacturing factory will be in Dongguan, China, with supporting offices in the US and Canada. Management of the Bachmann website and newsletter, Maintenance of the Bachmann online product catalog, writing and proofing copy for the annual product catalog. He has been writing about the model railroad trade for various hobby publications since the 1960s.
The ready-to-run models will be available for standard DC operation as well as with sound and DCC. Sound features include variable RPM diesel engine, horn, bell, brake squeal, Doppler effect, air release, trailer and headlight control. Maytex-Rapido offers complete manufacturing capability including research, design, tooling, decorating, assembly and packaging.
The firm’s background includes experience in manufacturing HO, N and OO gauge trains of both UK and North American prototypes as well as experience making model kits, slot cars, and other hobby products.

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