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Just as full-size railroads were being hard-hit by new technology, so too were model railroads. N and HO scale modelers, have many listings for various model railroading products and companies. Developed especially for the North East Corridor, the innovative and speedy Metroliner drew considerable attention for it's bold design patterned after contemporary airliners, and offering similar amenities that were a radical break with traditional railroad passenger service. Based on the unique trains as they operated from 1968 to 1995, all-new tooling captures the unique profile of the Coach, Snack Bar Coach and Parlor, and each features a real-metal finish to simulate stainless steel. The trains ran from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Washington, DC and to New York City, offering fast, frequent service on short headways. When service began, Metroliners offered fast, frequent schedules on short headways between Washington, DC, and New York City. Nothing moves faster than a Metroliner -- and this limited-edition train will be no exception! Closed on Thursday, November 26, 2015, Thursday, December 24, 2015, Friday, December 25, 2015and Friday, January 1, 2016.
We interviewed Craig Martyn, owner of BLMA, and got the rundown on his new railcar announcement - A Norfolk Southern TopGon in both N and HO scale. One question, though, how does Craig get all those cute girls to work for him in his booth?
Rapido's fantastic HO Turbo Train was their first model, and their line also includes many smoothside HO passenger cars.
Passenger cars seem to be the hobby trend lately, and we found Walthers to be no exception. Walthers has recently released H1044 - no sound or DCC in this release - the DCC H1044 units will be coming from Walthers by the end of the year.
Walthers showed us their big centerpiece announcement: their new Railshop theme series, which includes a very nice fully motorized transfer table.
Marklin showed us many of their new products at this show: a handsome 1910 Bauden Pacific with crisp detailing and a clear unobstructed view under the boiler just like the real thing - very nice! Markin has many other new releases as well - watch for the forthcoming Train Show interview with Marklin in MRH Theater for all the details. TCS has incorporated back EMF into their entire product line - which is something they've been endeavering to do over the last year.
TCS said customer feedback on their new back EMF enhancement indicates TCS has hit one out of the park with the BEMF - it's the best performing BEMF many customers have ever seen in a DCC decoder. TCS recently began releasing new drop in circuit card replacements for N scale locos, making it easy to equip N scale locos with DCC.

The line needs no jumper setting or other complex configuration and it includes 30 amps of surge current to deal effectively with the current hungry sound loco problem.
CVP has introduced another DCC layout power-side product: the Zone Share, allowing you to subdivide a given zone into 4 subzones.
We have at least an hour of video footage taken of the many layouts on display at the National Train Show. I found the #1 gauge trains (1:32 - 600% larger than N, 300% larger than HO, and 150% larger than O) to be especially fascinating - their sheer size gives you a sense of heft and mass you just don't get in any of the other scales!
I flew home Saturday night with over 4 hours of video footage from the Train Show alone to edit, not to mention having about 10 hours of other convention and clinic footage to edit.
Over the next 2-3 weeks, I expect to be be editing this footage down into perhaps 8 hours of video you can watch in MRH Theater. Sized incredibly, 28mm x 10mm x 5mm, it is so small that it will fit in N and TT scale engines. New speakers in the sizes 16 x 25mm and 13mm in connection with a 0.5-Watt high performance amplifier ensure great sound in small engines. Embodying state-of-the-art technology, the electrically powered cars could be mixed and matched to meet long-distance or local service requirements as needed, and regularly operated at speeds over 100mph, a considerable accomplishment at the time.
Powered by a skew-wound motor driving a single helical geared power truck in each unit, the cars will be offered with a dual mode Tsunami® sound and DCC decoder, or as standard DC models.
As self-propelled, multiple unit cars, the actual consists of Metroliner trains could easily be adjusted as needed. Depending on time of day and the number of tickets sold, some trains ran with as many as 10 cars when required. Ready for your railroad with dual mode Tsunami sound and DCC control, the four-car set depicts the original test cars delivered with Tuscan stripes and PRR Keystone herald. With a single production run limited to just 350 sets, and available only while supplies last, this one-of-a-kind model is sure to be the crown jewel of your operations of collection.
They announced more new cars at the convention, which includes a baggage express car and a new steam generator unit. Marklin commented that many American modelers who are into modeling steel operations purchase these slag cars, cut off the bumpers, kitbash them a bit and make them look like American slag cars.
CVP offers many new ZoneMaster booster configurations - a single zone 7 amp booster, a continuous 7 amps booster with auto reverse, and a dual zone 7 amp booster also with auto reverse built in. The line has adustable trip currents, an audio tone in the event of a short - and on the multi-zone models, the audio tone varies so you can tell which zone has shut down just by ear. Each zone has its own audio tone when a short occurs, and the zone share also includes auto reverse management for reversing loops.

The layouts cover the gamut: Z from suitcase size to massive, N scale, HO scale, S scale, O scale both scale and tinplate, and some massive #1 gauge trains running on a modular display layout. We appreciate your support and encouraging words with this effort as we try to bring you the best in model railroading information via the internet. You and your crew have done a great job conveying the atmosphere and details of the convention. The inventon of LokSound technology delivers yet another impressive proof of the possibilities of miniaturization by the use of cutting edge technology.
Although developed by the Pennsylvania Railroad, the trains were actually operated by Penn Central following the 1968 merger, and became a star of the Amtrak fleet following its start-up in May 1971.
This scheme was never used in revenue service as the Penn Central merger took place soon after.
Marklin also has their new 01 Pacific Steam loco (from about 1920) on display in their booth - another new release for them. They demonstrated some N scale locos for us, and I have to say I'm very impressed by the slow speed performance of these TCS decoders.
You won't have to compromise with the size: LokSound micro is a complete digital decoder that operates on DCC, Motorola or Selectrix, as well as on conventional DC mode.
Choose from over 200 sound projects available for free on the LokSound ESU website or put on your own recordings!
Over the course of 27 years, Metroliners moved uncounted millions of riders until being withdrawn from service in 1995. Unfortunately, the N scale bridge is already sold out, but the HO scale bridge will be available soon. Walthers is also releasing the two remaining cars in the Milwaukee Road Hiawatha series: the skytop lounge and the superdome - as well as a planned offering of the Hiawatha cars in UP yellow and gray. Several were depowered and rebuilt as cab control cars, and Snack Bar Coach #860 has been preserved at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. If you're an HO scale modeler and you want this beautiful bridge, don't delay or you may miss out!
Rapido's cars have incredible underfame detail - and we learned the secret to how the owner is able to get such great detail.
Besides an outstanding back EMF and super silent running due to 32kHz pulse frequency, the LokSound micro offers two outputs for light functions and two additional function outputs, suitable for smoke generators or cab lights.

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