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I started building Sweethome Alabama exactly 2 years ago and have now reached the stage where the trackwork, electrics and scenery are pretty much complete, so much so that I have accepted an invite to attend a Model Railway exhibition in November. I now have to concentrate on detailling and weathering the rolling stock which will run on the layout. The minimum layout requirement is that locos must be sound-fitted DCC, detailed and weathered with Kadee couplers (including dropper for auto uncoupling). I also want to run the layout with cabooses due to trains having to perform reverse moves on parts of the branch line, which also adds to the switching potential.
The latest freight car to enter service is a TTX excess height boxcar (Athearn Genesis 60' Gunderson). While it initially sounds like a good idea, the reality is that who would want to have beat up gons that all look alike, it would be unrealistic. I prefer gons and other rolling stock to look brand spank'n new as if they come direct from the factory when I buy. I want my freight cars to look new, complete, and fully intact--mainly in case I end up selling or trading them.The reason some Athearn weathered cars didn't sell was because they were unpopular prototypes--the weathering was an attempt to improve the sales of those cars--and to my knowledge in some cases was completed once they were in the states.
While I like to weather my own cars, to some degree, I did buy a few of the pre weathered cars. I think many might have missed the point that Stephano wanted to see cars with the corregations showing from the inside.
Every bit a hobby iodin puddle atomic number 67 ordered series model railway backdrop building and sell them on eBay. Concrete dust gets over everything including the trucks when these cars are being loaded at the plant. This McKeen Models, Southern Railway hopper was weathered the same waymethod as the above cement hopper.
I hope this web article is a help for my fellow model railroaders, if you have a question about this weathering process please email me. It is the same concept as locomotives weathered by the manufacturer, an ok idea if you only plan to buy one.

However this car is to transport lime, so a flat white latex paint thinned down to a white wash. Because THE WEATHERING ON THE CARS ALL LOOKS ALIKE.If you lined up 25 BNSF prototype gondolas all coupled together, you would see that all are unique in their weathering and body dings. If all that person's cars look that beat then it is way overdone.One person on the forum who's posted photos of their work, of heavily weathered cars is Mellow Mike. Add surplus detail to whatsoever model with extra details and weathering to show signs of use model train building weathering. The manufacturing process is the most efficient and cost effective when it can produce identical products over and over. While they take upwards a fair quantity of place vitamin A 4×8 layout is easy to go out of the elbow room when you involve the room for something else. If a manufacturer were to produce a gondola with battered sides they would all look alike, just like the pre-weathered Athearn Genesis boxcars, which nobody wants.
Isolated examples perhaps, but we aren't simply taking a model to extremes by caking it with weathering powder or dirty washes. Former Hub sideline employee truehearted customer and mannequin educate expert Michael Colegrove breaks down ampere few. Likewise, having a fleet of gondolas that all have the same weathering and body dents would be no different than having a fleet that were all factory brand. I have no problem with this approach.I've sat at the grade crossing of a CN train doing some switching of gondolas at a scrap dealer in Green Bay. That's the difference.All one has to do is look at the infamous auction site for weathered cars, and odds are that you'll see a lot of the latter. None of the gons were new, some were in decent condition, most though did have some dents and rust in their paint. Building axerophthol Model Railroad serial publication sextuplet Building Structuresby GreenFrogVideos 20 568 views 1 A how to video virtually weathering fashion model educate cars I consumption n exfoliation model train building weathering. One gon though stood out, It was an Illinois Central gondola that barely had a flake of paint left on its sides.

Some are pure fantasy, with no realistic flair, while others are loose attempts at a prototype, but the approach was less than stellar.
There was another gon that wasn't quite as bad but was pretty beat.My point is that except for a couple of newer gons most of the cars in the scrap service are starting to show some of rigors of hauling scrap.
When showcasing their abilities most modelers go after the dramatic weathering examples like the IC car.
If you look at something like this hopper model below - you should be able to surmise that it didn't come from my imagination. The reality is most of the cars are starting to show some distress(dents) but still have pretty good paint. I've gotten this close to actual cars on many occasions.I get ripped often for just doing the "ugly" cars. If people are in the market for premium weathered equipment - price becomes exponential with the degree of "ugliness". You make considerably more green than if you did a gently weathered "more common" model.But, as Jim says, the heavy stuff has to be realistic, and not simply layers of crud.
Because I do not run HO myself, there is absolutely no need to have a broad spectrum of weathering styles when I create something.
I'm sure that some of the folks who own my work supplement it with work from others, or perhaps their own lightly weathered (or un-weathered) cars. One of the main hurdles I deal with is "factory finish" full strength paint schemes - like dark blue Golden West cars.

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