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Vivimos en un mundo de normas y certificaciones, y de entre ellas las mas conocidas son las Normas ISO por su caracter internacional. Pero… ?cuales son las mas comunes y las que mayor impacto tienen en las organizaciones? Articulos similaresGestion Integrada de la Calidad, Medio Ambiente y Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo.
Copyright © 2016 PDCA Home - El portal de la gestion, calidad, produccion y mejora continua. Esta web utiliza cookies propias y de terceros para recopilar datos y adaptar su contenido. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is drafting a new standard on anti-bribery management. A draft version could  be available for public comment early next year, with the final standard due for publication in 2016. The project was jump started following the development of BS 10500 by UK-based standards developer BSI, International Construction reported Monday. The European International Contractors (EIC), a trade association representing European contractors working outside their national borders, are among those helping draft the new standard. The EIC wants the ethics and compliance standard to be part of the pre-qualification requirements for parties bidding on certain international work, International Construction said.

Nielsen told International Construction that ISO 37001 is being developed as a "Requirement standard," meaning it would be auditable. As someone who spent many years helping financial companies comply with ISO9001 and now works for a global background check firm helping ensure clients comply with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act, I think having an international standard which companies can be externally audited and certified to is an excellent idea. Allied is proud to announce it has passed its 2013 ISO Surveillance Audits, confirming that it is among the industry’s quality companies that meet ISO 9001:2008 standards. ISO surveillance audits include several critical elements, including a management review, review of changes to the quality system, and internal quality audits – all assuring that quality systems are being maintained.
The successful completion of the 2013 Surveillance Audits confirms that Allied indeed conforms to ISO 9001:2008 customer and regulatory standards.
Mediante este articulo trataremos de ver cuales son las normas ISO con mayor certificacion a nivel internacional. Se puede implantar y certificar conjuntamente con la 9001 y la 14001 en un sistema de gestion integrado. No establece directrices para el tratamiento de riesgos concretos sino que da orientaciones para la implantacion de un sistema de gestion del riesgo que sea compatible con los estandares de gestion de riesgos particulares de cualquier sector y organizacion. Please check the URL to ensure that the path is correct.If the problem persists, go to the root of this web site and try to find the page you requested by using the navigation structure of the site.

This is an important advancement in offering to the taxpayers transparency on the bidding process, sometimes an obscure process that produces corruption within the governments.Congratulations on a great idea ISO. The audit, completed by Jerry Stillinger of NSF International Strategic Registrations, resulted in “no non-conformances” for Allied’s U.S. For the team at Allied, it’s also a meaningful validation of the hard work its entire North American network devotes to quality continuity and vehicle transport excellence. Con ella se consigue  demostrar que la organizacion esta trabajando en base a su cliente y cumple con las condiciones establecidas en base a una mejora en la satisfaccion de cliente. Se encarga de establecer que las organizaciones cumplen los reglamentos legales ambientales marcados en cada territorio. La ISO 18001 es la que se encarga de establecer cuales son las especificaciones para los Sistemas de Gestion de la Seguridad y la Salud (OHSMS).
Also receiving special thanks were Wes Mouland, Allied’s VP of Operations-West, and NSF Auditor Jerry Stillinger.

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