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ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization, a company that creates standards for industries around the world. ISO 9001 was revised in 2008 and sets the standards for quality management systems across many industries. Innovative Fabrication has received ISO 9001 certification for the dicing and machining of any hard and brittle material. Implementing standards which are compliant with ISO 9001 certification helps diamond dicing companies increase efficiency and productivity. Innovative Fabrication demonstrates the high standards set by the ISO 9001 certification in every facet of customer care. Over 1.2 million organizations are certified to ISO 9001 and while it continues to be as relevant as ever, the revision will take into consideration a number of issues to ensure it enhances an organization’s ability to consistently provide products that meet customer requirements. This is to keep ISO 9001 relevant, reflect changes in its environment, and ensure it continues to deliver “confidence in the organization’s ability to consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements”.
As it is shown in the above-mentioned table, the structure has been changed in order to bring it into line with ISO’s new harmonised and consistent structure, to be used for other management system standards (Environment, safety…) in future.
The term “product” has been replaced with “goods and services” when specifically referring to the deliverables for the customer.
ISO 9001:2008 promoted the adoption of a process approach when developing, implementing, and improving the effectiveness of a quality management system. Specific references are made to risk, identification of risks and opportunities and planning actions to address risks and opportunities identified. There are now just general requirements for documentation, with no reference to documented quality manual, documented procedures or to quality records. A whole new clause 4 requiring the organisation to consider itself and its context, and to determine the scope of its quality management system.
Clause 8.6 Control of External Provision of Goods and Services addresses all forms of external provision, whether it is by purchasing from a supplier, through an arrangement with an associate company, through the outsourcing of processes and functions of the organization, or by any other means. We are currently designing a one day training course on the Committee Draft (CD) version of the standard.
The Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) cycle is the operating principle of ISO’s management system standards. Establish the objectives and processes necessary to deliver results in accordance with the expected output (the target or goals). Carry out corrective actions on significant differences between actual and planned results.

To create these standards, ISO consults leading international experts when a need arises in any trade. This accreditation was given by The National Standards Authority of Ireland, which is an internationally recognized provider of many different types of certifications. Industries which are held to high standards are more inclined to partner with a dicing company that has ISO 9001 certification. ISO 9001 certification often helps companies to lower costs by making it easier to spot deficiencies in service techniques.
Customers are given a quote within 24 hours of contact and may receive same day service if it is necessary. Furthermore, a leading assessment company has recently stated that the number of companies with the certification has risen four-fold since 2008.It is no wonder that companies are after the award. This is to make it more generic and applicable to service fields, and remove the inherent manufacturing bias.
The organization is required to take a risk-based approach to determine the type and extent of controls appropriate to each external provider and all external provision of goods and services.
The objective of this course is to compare the current standard with the CD and discuss the intent behind the proposed changes as well as what the requirements will mean in practice. It’s formal structure includes processes that regularly examine performance and ensure that the system continues to provide ongoing benefits. By establishing output expectations, the completeness and accuracy of the specification is also a part of the targeted improvement.
ISO then scrupulously crafts a set of standards which are reviewed and revised intensively before being adapted by the businesses within the designated industries. To achieve ISO 9001 certification, companies must demonstrate that quality management systems have been put in place to control and monitor facilities, personnel, training, equipment, and services. This certification identifies Innovative Fabrication as a high quality provider of dicing and machining services for many highly specialized industries.
There are also many benefits to internal operations when companies set standards to the high level required for ISO 9001 certification. Since training, hiring, and personnel management are all optimized in companies which have received the certification, employees are more likely to be competent and content. It renders them environmentally friendly and it is able to be gained by any sized institution, in any sector. The fifth principle, “A system approach to management” has been dropped perhaps regarding being considered by the act of having a management system.

It also addresses risks which can affect conformity of goods and services as well as customer satisfaction, including taking a risk-based approach to determine the type and extent of controls appropriate to each external provider and all external provision of goods and services.
Together these clauses require the organization to determine the issues and requirements that can impact on the planning of the quality management system and can be used as an input into the development of the quality management system.
Charting data can make this much easier to see trends over several PDCA cycles and in order to convert the collected data into information.
Attaining ISO 9001 accreditation also gives companies the necessary tools to further improve all aspects of organization management.
Fields that Innovative Fabrication has been specifically acknowledged as a high quality dicing service provider for include the medical, optical, and microelectronics fields. Facilities and equipment are also guaranteed to be held at a high standard of repair and cleanliness based on the certification. Since a wide range of industries may depend upon diamond cutting services for the most fundamental aspects of operation, Innovative Fabrication is dedicated to exceeding expected time standards.
By becoming more green, cost and waste is reduced and the accreditation has been proven to help win and retain business.
The last principle is now renamed from “Mutually beneficial supplier relationships” to “Relationship Management”.
This is because one of the key purposes of a formal management system is to act as a preventive tool.
When a pass through these four steps does not result in the need to improve, the scope to which PDCA is applied may be refined to plan and improve with more detail in the next iteration of the cycle, or attention needs to be placed in a different stage of the process.
The statistics alone show the effect that the authorization can have for an institutions success;27% of businesses have had improved sales33% have obtained green credentials18% are now more successful due to the ISO 14001As a result of a business gaining this award, the environment will be positively impacted. For example, the accreditation ensures that a business takes into account how much wastage is being generated, consciously keeping it as low as possible and also managing waste disposal. In addition, once a company has this certificate they are committed to regulating energy, guaranteeing that energy usage is not misused.QMS, a company that issues the ISO 14001 certification, has explained the benefits for a corporation once they have obtained the award.
The business, which employs 38 people, is now planning to reduce their energy usage by 20% per year, in addition to taking away ?75,000 of waste from the operational and manufacturing process.
To be certified means a lot as it also provides a guide to work alongside and ensures all staff are properly trained.

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