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But the Tesla battery isna€™t just a box of lithium-ion cells packed in the trunk or behind the seats.
The Model S architecture also allows Tesla to place the electric motora€”in 60 trim, it makes 302 horsepowera€”just aft of the rear axle. The 60-kWh battery pack in the Model S weighs 1125 pounds, which is 26 percent of the car's total weight. So yes, the battery architecture enables a level of performance, of over-the-road mastery, that is thus far unmatched by any other electric, and the S even betters many conventionally fueled cars.
The compact drivetrain opens up room for both front and rear trunks, with optional rear-facing third-row seats turning the Model S into the only seven-passenger sedan on the market. Ita€™s rightly amazing that Tesla, only a few years removed from startup, can mass-manufacture a car this good, while also fighting state-by-state franchise battles, building out its network of Supercharger stations, planning its a€?gigafactorya€? battery-manufacturing operation, and mollifying the financial community. Maybe thata€™s why it has taken Tesla some time to get us a 60-kWh Model S, two years after we tested the top-of-the-line Model S P85, the one with the gargantuan battery pack and uprated motor and a base price that exceeds our 10Best threshold. We last saw the heavily revised 2015 Toyota Camry at the New York Auto Show earlier this year. Reported comments and users are reviewed by Autoblog staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week to determine whether they violate Community Guideline. 2015 Isuzu DMAX Philippines Release Date – The year of 2015 seems to be the year in which Isuzu is ready to release date the auto markets again and it is proven by the production process of 2015 Isuzu DMAX. One thing which may be found to be quite unfortunate right now is that there is not much information known about the changes applied to this 2015 Isuzu DMAX.
If you are curious enough about the engine options which will be applied to this car, 2.5L turbo-diesel engine is an option that will positively be offered.
New Honda CR-V will soon grace the market, in its 4th generation; this model is one of the stunning SUVa€™s in the market.
Honda has produced amazing models that have continued to impress buyers and offer decent performance matches with its modern and elegant design.
Three chrome tubes are present on the front cover with one extending from one headlight to the other.
When it comes to the cabin of this new Honda CR-V, the company fitted it with high quality accents and accessories that give off a warm ambiance and creates a trendy environment in the cabin. There are hopes that the manufacturer will install a DVD player, though for now it can be treated as just rumors. The steering wheel has been equipped with control functions and buttons that make is easy for the driver to have full control of the vehicle. The official price tag of this 2015 model is yet to be confirmed, though the vehicle will most likely go for about $25,000 at the minimum and $32,000 on the upper side. Customers and buyers of 2015 Honda Urban SUV will have more engine options in Japan than in the rest of the world. Standard models of the 2015 Honda Urban SUV in the  rest of the world will come with 1.5-liter four-cylinder featuring direct fuel injection. April 21, 2014 By Luke Wesolowski The 2015 Dodge Challenger sees its third minor redesign since resurrecting in 2008.

Teslaa€™s is the best in the business, with 50 percent higher energy density by weight than the next closest EV competitora€™s (Nissan Leaf). This gives the car a rear-biased weight distribution, more like a mid-engined sports car than a typical luxury sedan with its engine up front.
The mass is spread between the axles and beneath the floor, giving the Model S a center of gravity only 18 inches from the road, better even than the Porsche Boxster's.
And, sure, the CEO occasionally has to divert some attention to one of his other companies that makes spaceships. AccuPayment does not state credit or lease terms that are available from a creditor or lessor, and AccuPayment is not an offer or promotion of a credit or lease transaction. Now, it's finally time for the best-selling car in the US to hit the roads in late September, and Toyota is announcing how much the updated model actually costs. Accounts are penalized for Community Guidelines violations and serious or repeated violations can lead to account termination. This car series is not totally a new car series of Isuzu because it has been introduced since some years ago. It comes equipped with great design improvements and modifications that will stun many enthusiasts and silence critics. It also has a new and improved color palette that brightens its fascia and matches well with its high quality accents and details. High quality plastic has been used in the rear bumper, with its rear lighting given a new design detail.
2015 CR-V is also equipped with parking sensors, air conditioner and other appropriate driving assists.
It will be powered by a 2.4l 4 cylinder engine generating about 185hp with a peak torque of 163lb-ft. They will be able to choose from either a gasoline-powered model or they can get one with a hybrid drivetrain. It should be small, economic and fun to drive, especially with a lot of features and technologies used inside of the cabin. Collected here are the details of each brand's 2015 model lineup, including reviews and tests of key models, plus a package of technical innovations that will each make their mark on the coming automotive year.
Plentiful traction at the drive wheels means the Model S can take advantage of its electric powertraina€™s instant torque, beaming away from a stop like a big-block Chevelle on mute.
Consider the airiness of the interior, unsullied by a driveshaft or transmission tunnel, and where a vast, showstopping touch screen somehow doesna€™t overwhelm the dash. Even so, the 2015 series seems to be the catchiest one because this is also the car series which is considered to be the most modern among its family. It also carries the latest technology and innovation designed to make it reliable and functional.
17a€? alloy wheels will be offered with this new model, though 16a€? wheels will also be available to suit buyera€™s needs and preferences. Some of the equipments offered comprise of power lift gate, blind spot camera, rear cross traffic alert and automatic parking.

There are high chances that this 2015 model will be provided with a direct injection engine, though ita€™s only an assumption at this moment. With use of the neo Jazz model platform, the new 2015 Honda Urban SUV will be transferred to the system of “magic seats”, that is the chance of the preparation of seats in numerous configurations.
Because the battery offers so much capacity, the Model S needna€™t compromise its mission with a bulky gas-powered range extender. Whether youa€™re hustling down an on-ramp or meandering home from your tech incubator, the Model S feels through-bolted to the eartha€™s mantle, its center of gravity close to the pavement. It turns out that touch screens are really easy to use when theya€™re huge and right in front of you.
Simply add a second electric motor at the front axle, as Tesla is doing for a new four-wheel-drive model. On the outside, it is only known that this truck is made of high-tensile-strength steel which finally also makes the DMAX to be a very good option to consider when it comes to the choice of efficient as well as durable vehicle which is also suitable to be used in various types of heavy duties. Other thing you have to know as well is that this engine is actually the one which makes the truck to be slightly more powerful compared to the previous series of DMAX. It is certain that many drivers will appreciate this new model and the great features it offers. Significant changes or introductions merit their own entries; minor trim updates, unchanged models, and discontinued vehicles are noted at the end of each brand's page, where we've also included predicted sales volumes and market share for 2015.
Youa€™ve heard the rationale behind Teslaa€™s purity movement: Having a single propulsion element, the motor, allows for more battery cells, which extends electric range, obviating the need for a Plan B, the internal-combustion engine.
And because the weight is so low, Tesla can run softer springs while still preserving good roll control, so the ride is relaxed.
Because the Model S is part car and part electronic device, updates can be downloaded as soon as theya€™re availablea€”no trip to the dealer. Even so, it is already confirmed that this new car will be firstly sold in India auto markets. For the models which are about to be offered for this car, it seems positive for it to be available in three different models. With an engine option which can make the truck to perform better like this, the price applied to this 2015 Isuzu DMAX is not actually that high.
And don't be surprised if you find some upcoming 2016 models, too, as our reporting uncovered a lot of longer-range info. On the highway, you have to pay attention, because your inner-ear gyroscope will tell you youa€™re doing a mild 60 mph when in fact youa€™re going 93. Your frame of reference is probably not calibrated to the degree of serene imperturbability provided by the suspension. The highest price of it is applied to the space cab model, which may reach the number of $46,080s.

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